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  1. I’m watching the rediculous flomarching. Bad picture from Denver. DCI needs to change that
  2. You You are probably going to see a reorganized and more prepared corps in everything this year.
  3. I don't think that is the part of the closer he's talking about. It the final part after Oh What a World that I think is the closer. I hope.
  4. I am so excited about San Antonio. I think the Cavies are going to come out of San Antonio in 3rd place. That is my prediction and I'm sticking to it. LOL
  5. Cavies are very much in the running this year and will surprise the field at how strong they finish.
  6. Looking at the percussion scores in this show reeks of bad judging. Dropping both BD and Cavaliers scores dramatically was an insane call and looks prejudicial. There is no way BD dropped .9 in percussion and the Cavies percussion score drop of more than 1 point looks suspiciously like one judge taking it on himself to align the corps positions coming out of this weekend. It’s a prime example of why the fans are always suspicious of DCI judging criteria.
  7. The judging in this show sucked. Especially the percussion judge. Sickening scores
  8. It’s anazing to me how many of you overlook the Cavies. Cavies are second right now in guard and have placed very high in percussion. And they are sitting right now within striking distance of everyone above them. They jumped 3 points in their last performance. Not to mention they are sitting in 2nd plAce general effect visual tied with BD. This season you can throw out all the past few years stats because any one of 7 can very well end up in the top 3. And yes I know some of you will think I’m just a die hard Cavies fan . I am, but I also know what the motivation factor is this year and it’s goung to show up in Indy. It’s going to be a fun year
  9. They will do really in Houston. I wouldn’t be surprised if they march into San Antonio in second place.
  10. That could be because it is a very competivie balanced year at the top. Should be an exciting competive ending.
  11. Homer lens? Lol anyway! sCV and Boston definitely have a leg up on the rest of the field. While Bloo is making big waves on GE so far they aren’t leading any captions and won’t. Crown’s show is just ok and BD is ok too. BD has another fantastic ballad and will nail GE later in season but won’t be enough to overcome SCV. SCV has a leg up on the whole season and their show is phenomenal. While Crown May very well take brass caption again, scv and cavies will vie for color guard and percussion. Bloo will come in 4th at best. And the big surprise will be Boston who has a great show this year. And they are performing at championship level. Just my observationd and opinion.
  12. In other words they succeeded in the effect they were shooting for! Lol
  13. But they won’t be the top 3 by end of season this year. The top three will be SCV, Cavaliers , and BD. Not necessarily in that order. But. BD will not be No 1. However, Boston might just upset this and knock out BD.
  14. Definitely the Cavies. Hands down the most difficult, challenging and entertaining show of 2018. Best moments are the chorus and horns pick up of the chorus melody. But the brilliant arrangement that weaves bolero through the whole show is amazing.
  15. All of Brass section is singing and they are in center of field
  16. Well they made their first move tonight and it worked. It’s just the beginning of a really competitive year for dci. It’s going to be an amazing season. GO CAVIES!
  17. it is my humble opinion that the Cavies have the absolute best show on the field. Not one show is as creative and spectacular as this one. It is only Jul2 and a whole lot can happen between now and finals. Not sure why the percussion judge dropped them a whole point last evening. It seems the judging in the midwest is very disjointed and poor.
  18. Have you noticed the drag on scores in the MidWest judging. Its almost too obvious. I am not sure how they rotate the judges but one obvious flaw is the midwest judging has been with less judges than the west and east. It really suspect of fairness. Just saying. Cavaliers show and performance is right up there with the leaders, in my estimation.
  19. go Cavies! it's tiime for the midwest judges to step up to the plate. They are judging every corps on its circuit lower than other circuits. East coast and west are getting rated higher based on what. The midwest panel has been sparsely populated and the caption detail is limited. Not a fair judging system. All judging panels should have same score sheets,not some total category and others not. ridiculous ?
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