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  1. Well done Spartans well deserved Really looking forward to seeing you on Thursday and Friday
  2. BD and BC thoroughly deserve to be 1 and 2 irrispective or the order. Exciting 2 horse race next week It will be a great nail biting finals
  3. How Lucky are we? So many great shows this year. BD and Bluecoats at the pinnacle of the activity both with super entertaining shows. Who knows which will come out on top tonight. I think BD have the edge but both are fantastic Thanks to all involved in the activity. Can't wait for the trip to Indy on Thursday.
  4. Boson were awesome !!! SCV : Not my cup of tea at all BD : Finals winners, they are simply the best!
  5. Excellent show from Crown, the standard is so high! Boston ahead IMO by a full point, GE and guard so strong. Horns a close call SCV next
  6. A Bronze medal is in the future for Boston Amazing!
  7. Just wathched Surf Awesome cant wait to see them live! Great job
  8. I have 2 tickets for the Katy TX show on July 19 They are 50 yard line premier seats which I bought for my son and I but we cannot make it I paid $58 each but will sell for below face value. It would be a pity for these excellent seats to go to waste! (section D Row 19 Seats 11 and 12) Let me know if you are interested
  9. I would not be at all surprised to see the scores for Boston, SCV and Crown to be close this weekend. Maybe in that order, who knows?
  10. What a great last sentence. "To someone in the Northeast, BDs is like the present that you know is there, but you don't get to unwrap and see it until Christmas morning" That's exactly how it is! They are an incredible organization. Year after incredible year, they come out with something that you instinctively know is going to be the Creme, even before anyone has seen or heard anything re the year's production. Like you and thousands of others, I cant wait to see them live , We are the lucky ones!
  11. I am really sorry Pappjohn56 but they are sold. Regards and good luck
  12. Murfreesboro Show July 26th 2019 . I have 2 great seats in section 1SS row 7 (Bought them but cant make the trip) Selling for what I paid through Ticketmaster $114 for both ($49 per seat plus booking fee) Let me know if you are interested
  13. We cant make the Atlanta show but have 2 Club section seats 238C row 5 Selling for face value $81 each total $162 Please let me know if you are interested