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  1. My home church in Indiana was approached by a WGI independent guard for rehearsal space in their gym prior to finals in Dayton. They were desperate for a rehearsal space for finals and looking a full 2 hour and some change drive out from Dayton at that point. 

    The paperwork was done but ultimately, they had to go somewhere else after a day there.  The gym at the church doesn't have a traditional hardwood floor but this sort of plasticized snapped together tiles thing.  It works fine for basketball but not so great with rifle drops.  Even with a protective surface down and tarps, they were finding cracked tiles when they pulled up the mats for the night.  I think I remember dad saying they had to replace 16 cracked tiles (each tile I think is 12" x 12" so there's a ton of them to make the floor).  I was like, they practiced for a whole day and only cracked 16 from drops? That's a good group.

    They were entirely apologetic and gracious and covered the cost for the replacement tiles. It was easily done under coverage from the installer the next day and not a terribly high cost.   And it was sort of a disappointment because, other than the floor, the gym was about perfect for a WGI unit to use as it has two bathrooms with two shower heads in each as part of a set up for hosting a homeless shelter that travels from site to site very two weeks.  Also the full service kitchen is right there with plenty of tables and chairs that can set up.

    The church has members and staff that are alum and/or have kids in Indiana's marching arts circuits so there was a fair bit of excitement and openness to it because it fell in a time slot where the gym wasn't being used for the basketball outreach league.   I think they had some interest from WGI percussions groups too but their schedules were smack in the middle of the basketball league time.  

    But even there, you're looking at an outfit that is seeking housing 2+ hours out from the venue they'd need to travel to and from for competition runs.

    If that's the 'pre-COVID' scene for even smaller more manageable groups, I totally get the difficulties of full corps finding sites.

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  2. 6 hours ago, Continental said:

    I actually have a YouTube channel that specializes in watching the reaction of people eating lime flavored Jello.  Some of the reactions are quite funny and many of them are clearly fake as you see people putting all sorts of stuff in the Jello that tends to affect the purity of the flavor.

    I got a very good grade on that part of my studies. 


    This is an epically midwestern 70s Jello dish.  I mean sticking radishes and celery in the lime jello is peak stuff.

  3. Band had an 'initiation' during the summer camp.  It was generally silly stuff like "dress up your freshman" which, since all the freshmen were getting something, was "sure, I'll wear some goofball stuff!"  There'd be a "blindfold people and lead them around" thing at night where would walk trough a big mess of spaghetti and be told it was worms or dumb stuff like that.  Then it always ended with a shaving cream fight followed by a hose down.  My freshman year we were twice the size of the senior class and the shaving cream fight was basically a revenge victory.  I remember getting my 'bunk sign' graffitied with "dead meat" and yelled at the first day and stuff, which was a bit alarming and intimidating for an introverted 14 year old, but quickly figured out it was all show.  By the time I was a senior we were being told not to take it to intimidation levels and stuff. We ended up being yearlong mentors to the freshmen in our sections we were assigned to as well. 


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  4. On 9/8/2020 at 10:41 PM, mfrontz said:

    Crossmen announce Mike Hardiek interim Director of Operations and interim Corps Director.



    On 9/8/2020 at 10:53 PM, Jeff Ream said:

    resume looks good.

    Feels weird reading this about someone I marched with in high school band...

    But he's a good guy in my experience and hopefully it works out well for him and the Xmen.


  5. I recall an Open Class corps a few years back doing a really nice show about the struggles of working class people and the labor movement.  Not sure if it was explicitly a "Labor Day" tribute though.   Can't recall who it was.  I recall the guard as 'factory kids' who start to organize out of their working conditions and such.

     Edit to addDid some digging through my files.

    2018 Golden Empire - "Hear Our Voice" is the show I'm thinking of.  Just rewatched it and yeah, definitely the labor movement here in the story line.  I remember this show because it struck me as a theme that wasn't often touched on in shows and they did a nice job of the show designing a show for the performers and for the performers to sell it well. 

  6. 1 hour ago, keystone3ply said:

    Per IOC:  Olympics will start with or without COVID:


    Yah.  Japan has things under control.  I imagine this is going to come with restrictions though. i.e. athletes going will need to abide by Japan's restrictions in order to participate.  Which shouldn't be a problem but probably will.  And i bet it'll be at least a few US delegation violation stories.  

    For those wanting to attend as spectators, I'm betting all standard immigration restrictions will apply.  Which will put a big damper on a lot of nations' and particularly the US's ability to travel there.  

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  7. On 8/28/2020 at 6:22 PM, MikeD said:

    I've become addicted to watching reaction videos in general, including hers. There are a bunch of reactors I watch almost every night. 

    The Tim and Fred Williams twins reacting to all sorts of genres of music is also super addictive.  They do a wide range of styles and their reactions are so earnest.  Knowing the 'big moments' of a song before they listen to them and seeing them get hyped even before "the hit" or "the drop" makes you anticipate just how big their response is going to be.  It's a similar thing with this gal watching DCI shows.  We know the 'big hit' is coming and she's already been geeking on the show and we can't wait to see her when the big moments happen.

  8. If Flo even makes it to 2026.  I mean, I ended my subscription but the only things on there other than marching arts were largely high school and some small college sports. And those are pretty much in the same boat at marching arts right now.   

    Where do they get their income to stay afloat? I'd be stunned if they landed anything substantial after the MLS fiascoes when all the teams they'd contracted with actually ENDED using Flo before the season/contract was up and streamed on their websites for the end of that season.  

    They must have some really good talkers going around to really dumb venture capitalists saying, "streaming online sports man...it's the future!" 

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  9. 2000 finals night was my 'return to fandom' after having followed corps in the 80s during my band marching years and then fading way during college as life happened. I would fade away again until 2014 it seemed.  My return in 2000 was largely a product of 1) a friend from Madison whose parents went to finals every year rekindled my interest and 2) finals were in my backyard...literally.

    I believe I've shared this story before but 2000 was a rough year for me with my grandmother passing away on January 1 and the circumstances of her home church staffing meant I ended up needing to be 'the pastor' for my family through that rather than 'the grandson.'  She was a big figure in our family and very much a "glue" that held us together. In order to be 'the pastor' and then get through a number of other things going on in my life, I sort of had to shut down my own grieving and barrel on.  That became an ingrained thing until Thursday of finals week when SCV's show tore everything open with that Adagio.  I drove home humming that (despite the fantastic shows that followed) and feeling everything that'd been on me.  

    As I'm one of those "watch and cheer every corps" people Thursday had been a long day.  Although it's always super fun to be there in the freshness of the morning with just handful of avid parents and staff for the opening corps and cheering on their shows as they left everything on the field one last time.  Anyway, Friday I opted to sleep in a bit before going in for Semis.  I was living in an apartment in the back buildings of a complex in Laurel, Maryland.  Over a hill was a football field for the middle school that was beyond that. I'd typically take a walk upon waking up and go along the main drag to the entrance of the complex then turn back and go all the way back on that drive to the circle loop that went up to the middle school which took me back to my apartment.   That morning, I woke still humming the Adagio and let it ring in my ears as I started my walk. It was strong, emotional, and one of those "I swear I could actually hear it," things.  As I get back to the middle school I discover...I actually was hearing it.  SVC was housed at the middle school and rehearsing the ballad that morning working on getting that rifle toss timing perfected as it'd nearly gone out of the end zone on Thursday night. Otherwise, they were just working on tone and volume and saving their chops for the semis run.  So I went to the back fence (they'd set up scaffolding on the back side as the stands weren't really stands enough for staff viewing) and just sat there listening, feeling, and finally crying for first time in months.  Obviously they were my favorite show of all those great shows that year.

    I was sitting with my friend's family who were all Madison homers and frankly, a bit embarrassed by Madison's show that year.  They kids performed the heck out of it, but they were donors and had a window into what was going on with Madison but not sharing much other than their dismay at what it was doing to the corps. We all loved Southwind and that show had all the buttons but they did seem a bit dirty.  I was pulling for Bluecoats as one of my high school classmates and friends marched with them in the late 80s after graduating before me when they had broken in to finals.  But we all wanted them both.  It was sort of an unspoken thing on my row that "Madison should probably be in that conversation too." 

    The crowd ate up BAC.  Red was such a memorable show.  It was a fairly rowdy crowd all three nights and they'd been hyping the start of the telecast, but we'd be hushing each other before the start of that Bolero opening and numerous, "Whew! Woo!" yells would start to punctuate the dance as it grew.  The corps thrived on the crowd energy and performed that show better each night.  Finals night we were all hushing each other before the singing of in Con te Partiro again and you could have heard a pin drop as they sang.  Because we weren't into the full blown electronics era just yet, they had to project with their voices for the blend and volume after having blown their brains out with the top half of the show.  It was so electric.  Yelling for the hits made me happy as someone who'd played Conquest for a show in high school and had that become part of our parents' boosters crowd repertoire.  They picked it up from some alumni who'd come back to their tiny but always good Class D Indiana band as staff after marching BAC in the 80s.  They were sitting in the middle of our band boosters at some show and when they heard us open with the trumpet calls of Conquest, they LIT UP and our parents of course loved them for that.  They did the grunts on the shots with everything in their bodies and our parents were like "who are these nuts?"  So they got talking and learned of BACs tradition on that and there we had it.  So when BAC hit those shots, I was just completing the circle.

    I was the only one in our row who was saying "Cadets" on finals night it seemed. The Madison crew I was with said "Cavies" although everyone felt they were both phenomenal and it was gonna be super close.  The tie didn't bother me as I'd been 'away' from DCI and didn't have the feeling of it being annoying. I was sort of taken aback by the energy of the "no more ties" chant as it built as, frankly, I totally could see it as a tie.  I loved that Cadets show though. The whole "oh that was good but look at what we can do!" bravado was one 'holy crap did you just see that crazy thing they did?' moment after another.  By finals night, I'd picked up on the really excellent way they'd put in touches to guide you where to see the next 'crazy thing' and was hopping on the seat as they transitioned around the field doing their thing.

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