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  1. I think that was the part where my friend saw the marimba and/or player go over the line last night.
  2. Ballad got replayed as people in my theater were leaving before scores. Everyone stopped to listen again.
  3. They ruined it a few shows ago when they showed it at an angle that showed how the 'magic trick' was done, so they're trying to avoid that.
  4. heh. The growth of his Fro this summer has been fantastic to see. He's got hairography even BD can't match. The 'super hipster look' guy in the battery is the other one. Although his flop on top has gotten a bit too messy.
  5. [notes how far from the possible pit line the marimbas are set up tonight...]
  6. So two new "bits" added the last two nights. I wonder what they're holding onto for tomorrow.
  7. The guard. When I want to go and make a comment about describing some incredible thing they're doing, I can't because they do another one before I get finished typing.
  8. Herald trumpets doing their thing while the guard beneath them makes me dizzy watching them.
  9. it was quite the moment. I mean you could just see him working to say SOMETHING without stopping and asking "what they heck did you just ask?"
  10. And the puzzled look on Mike's face last night when Steve Rondinaro asked him, "Now, what is it that the drums do?" Several people in my theater actually laughed audibly,.
  11. This. I feel like watching them is like watching some sort of concert art version of drum corps. It's just an aural landscape. They do some interesting things with the mirrors that get there visually but it's visually a bit too subtle. But that music book is gonna get a billion relistens from me this winter.
  12. Dang. BK is locked in with this mood. ALL THE MOOD. ALL OF IT.
  13. Script your questions if you want to have good interviews. Really.
  14. Thought, would the Blue Stars prop work better centered in the back field line?
  15. Glad to see this. I was worried they might gloss over with an even more awkward "Well! No asterisk here!" interview or something tonight. How about a giant poster board with an asterisk on it the drum major holds up at the end then tears in two!
  16. That would be great. The big prop seems so under used to me.
  17. Would you like to make your point from another thread a few more times?
  18. Blue Stars show has grown on me so much. Still think there's some miscues in the visual but the drill is great and the mood they create musically is so different than almost any other corps. It's great.
  19. These must be the ones that get inserted in the web browser as I'm not seeing those via the app stream. Just the various marching arts and DCI ads. An ad blocker might stop those inserted ones, I remember there used to be inserted ones that would interrupt shows and installing an ad blocker would stop them.