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  1. Nah, this goes back to their first season covering and some guy who inferred that the Cavaliers could train their corps harder because they were all guys....he was gone by the next week.
  2. I'm also wondering if the financial considerations (whether they be backlash in the form of pulled donations or increased costs) trumped the designers desire for a 'new toy' musically here given that it passed instructors caucus and then failed.
  3. So. That's over for a couple years. Does Bloo's counter proposal tip their hand that they were on the pro-WW side of things? Will this incur backlash? Will FloMarching send 'investigative reporters' to create stories and get fired within a week for making comments that draw criticism? Winter storylines could be juicy!
  4. No idea, but probably. But the utter lack of demand for them and the thousands of empty seats in the stadium doesn't say much for the future of tickets sales either.
  5. Fair enough. It seems kinda serious this time though. Ticket prices for NFL games not against teams near by were going for like $4 by the end of the season. Games against nearby teams were going for more because the demand was actually coming from away fans. Dannyboy's pocket might be feeling the reality. I don't really follow the sport anymore anyway. it's just something that comes up on the news.
  6. Local CBS News down here in DC had more coverage of "can't wait for the Ravens game" hype than "the DC team is firing errrybody" news.
  7. But getting thrown into the Delta quadrant and having to work together as one crew sort of muddles up the differences after awhile.
  8. I just wanna know if the live birds count against the marching member cap or not.
  9. I, for one, look forward to Jersey Surf's Tribute to Australia show.
  10. three words Marching. Giant. Didgeridoo.
  11. Also...JUST IMAGINE what VK might do if they were around the first season All Instrumentation passed.....
  12. Fun fact, just looked up on google and the average concert harp weighs about 80 lbs. and is about 6 feet high. Be on the lookout for corps seeking to recruit seven footers next year.
  13. That'd be more impressive than marching the tympanis again.
  14. New thought: Gas prices. Wasn't the spike in gas prices a big issue for some corps a few years back? Adding another bus and perhaps truck space to the caravans...
  15. True enough but "who started it" and "who went along" will become an argument here. Of course that's a low bar, pretty much everything becomes an argument here.
  16. An aside: Whenever I read one of these kind of comments or a corollary "We should then ban synth sounds for such things" type comment my brain goes... Ok then, if SCV wants to redo Force of Nature in a few years they better start training woodland birds to chirp on cue from the sideline for the opening. Or would bird calls count as instrumentation? Would the birds count as marching members? So many questions.
  17. I'm fairly sure the conversation went something like this, "Yeah if we directors are named on the proposal, the backlash against our particular corps is gonna be super harsh. Let's just have a board member front it and keep our names off it."
  18. the bubbblah machine! it starts with B....that rhymes with P...which means pool...right here in River City.
  19. Finally! Maybe we can keep people's noses from falling off their faces so we don't have to go stealing skin from other people.
  20. I still say, if VK were still around we'd have seen this featured on the field already. Some corps should totally do this for an "in the lot" warm up or something...
  21. DUH DUH. Da da da da DUH DUH. Duh. Duh. DUH DUH. DUH DUH. Da da da da DUH DUH. Duh. Duh. DUH DUH. DUH DUH. Da da da da DUH DUH. Duh. Duh. DUH DUH. DUH DUH. Da da da da DUH DUH. Duh. Duh. DUH DUH. DUH DUH. Da da da da DUH DUH. Duh. Duh. DUH DUH. DUH DUH. Da da da da DUH DUH. Duh. Duh. DUH DUH. DUH DUH. Da da da da DUH DUH. Duh. Duh. DUH DUH. DUH DUH. Da da da da DUH DUH. Duh. Duh. DUH DUH.