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  1. It was the 2015 show. This is a rehearsal video and I'm not sure if it's the same equipment they used in show or not. The main guard seem to have fairly standard sabres. But there's two featured guard doing some swordplay and you can see the blades bend and such. They also seem to have handguards (or whatever the technical term is). Best look seems to be at the :45 mark or so of this.
  2. Maybe that was the show? I seem to recall BAC using something that was super flexible as well.
  3. No there’s at least one more. I remember a whole conversation the year BAC used some equipment in their Conquest show.
  4. Phantom did a great job with it by finals. It was pretty rough developing through the season though. Marcia Hanson was legendary on the podium.
  5. I watched very little of her reaction. Was just captivated by that victory run. They did a great job editing that to capture all the joy and swagger of that run. now excuse me as i go listen to my clip of Everything Must Change on loop for the rest of the week.
  6. Also. I love the way they bring the red accents out in the end.
  7. Oh the whole show! I've been looking for this. My high school shared their drill writer that year. So when they were slated to come through town a bunch of us got tickets to the show. That opening hit and all the seniors looked at each other and said, "Ok, this is what we're gonna aspire to be this fall." And we were very much the "era of flying toes" in marching style like this. All the chills.
  8. Ok. I may have to buy a 'tour shirt' this season after all. 😀
  9. I see TicketMaster basically invoked the Ferengi First Rule of Acquisition regarding refunds for cancelled events today.
  10. Just reading this thread makes my brain play that thrilling trumpet call from New World Symphony.
  11. I could totally get into an Indiana Jones show.
  12. Let the "If BD wins in 2021 it's still not a three peat because it's not three consecutive years" debate begin.
  13. I raised this earlier as I cancelled my subscription
  14. Well. This went off topic in an unexpected direction.
  15. So. As I cancelled my FloMarching account since I really do think we're a week or so from an announcement that he 2020 tour isn't happening, I had the thought...all the other sports they stream are pretty much done for a good while too...and they lost some big things like the MLS contracts they had. What if this completely breaks FloSports' business model? Perhaps this should be in the Encouragement Thread? 😉
  16. Oh, This is a good idea. Since I only use It for marching arts I may as well cancel for the time being. I can re-up if things go.
  17. With modified Dance Dance Revolution mats, this might work!
  18. Perhaps the licensing has changed in the interim? And/or "we own the licensing sync rights and we're making the income off SPIN" v. "DCI has to buy the rights [at a fee that would triple the cost of the DVDs] to make income from them."
  19. I didn’t realize you used to do the electronics hook up work for the Crossmen on semifinals night!
  20. I heard there's a great break dance crew in Jacksonville, FL led by a pre-successful DJ.
  21. They had a whole Cirque de Soleil show last time I caught a game of theirs. Sorry (not sorry) they don't have a Stanely Cup for that though.
  22. It's a big thing at the G-League team in my home town of Ft. Wayne. They did a Pacers game on invite recently and word is the Pacers are gonna add one now too. The Mad Ants line is 5 snares, three tenors, three basses and a set I think.
  23. (Cues up Sir Gwain and the Green Knight and fondly remembers my Hs jazz ensemble working the hell on that to get the dropped count right)
  24. So, you're hoping for a Wedding themed show?