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  1. Following that kind of energy and crowd response is tough. I remember HS marching after some super energetic show. It was just intimidating as heck to stand in the tunnel of the old Hoosier Dome at state finals and hear that crowd yelling through that huge door knowing that a rival had just killed on the field before you.
  2. So happy for Bloo, even if it's 3rd. This show is one to be talked about for years and perhaps one that can set them up for that championship they've been hunting for awhile.
  3. Wow...that spread between Cadets and Bloo got pretty small tonight.
  4. BD's guard is just amazing at adding so many subtle extras during that ballad Edit to add: ha! I guess I like the broken clown and his embrace at the end.
  5. Tarps seem too shiny to read well. I still think a traditional style honor guard presentation of the American flag up that stage would be a more profound moment and fit the traditional Americana theme better. But they paid for the tarps so I guess they're using them.
  6. The subtle color pallate changes through this show are one of the nice things I like about it.
  7. And finally FN remembers there's big jumper at the end,
  8. They are hitting this show better than I've seen it all season!
  9. So far this is the best I've seen Bloo's feet and intervals all year.
  10. They seemed to have some intervals issues as they hit their sets.
  11. I love the harmonic punch and the drill at the end just before the crown. I liked the atom drill they had mid season too, but they were never gonna clean that.
  12. From the live blog 01. 98.550 Blue Devils 02. 96.925 The Cadets 03. 95.450 Santa Clara Vanguard 04. 95.000 Bluecoats 05. 94.750 Carolina Crown 06. 93.600 The Cavaliers 07. 91.650 Blue Knights 08. 91.025 Phantom Regiment
  13. ok so now, 19.1 x the multiplier ... hey, does this add up for you too? I hate waiting for scores...
  14. Apparently a tarp with the capitol and a flag. I agree though that they should march out the American Flag with an honor guard American Legion style on finals night though.
  15. Heh. There was an 11:something time listed for final scores on the "schedule" for prelims.
  16. They've been releasing them by blocks at intermissions. I suspect they'll do the last 8 as one bunch.
  17. Watching Boo carefully explain the SCV backdrops is somewhat amusing. I wonder if he's tempted to just type out "They kinda look like giant dongs if you just glance at them fast."