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  1. Wat. Bloo behind SCV tonight by that much?
  2. Guys on the end of the front row are trying to get the crowd going but the band kids seem to be just, "Yeah ok what's with this song, scores plz."
  3. They better not run out of notes before Indy!
  4. If surgical is the right word for that, kinetic is the word I'd apply to Bloo and Crown. There's some fun variation in styles at the top this year.
  5. BD Cadets (Half step) Crown Bloo (although not off by much at all) (Step) SCV (Step) Cavs Phantom
  6. While I suppose it's hiding guard equipment, it doesn't really seem to add much to the show other than some busy stuff back there either,
  7. That's an interesting bit of drill with the atom bands but they had spacing issues all over with it at the end.
  8. If they were white like the other circles they'd be less eye grabbing to me.
  9. They should use these open ring hoops the guard has now for frisbee golf targets when they let them fly.
  10. Oh man the closing looks much sharper with those leaps off the wedges.
  11. Bloo playing with a lot more confidence tonight. They get the visuals cleaned up, they can charge the standings again late. This show sounds so nice.
  12. Love the drumline getting tilted while playing like that.
  13. Show seems to have more punch to it than previous times I've seen it.
  14. Feed seems miced to pick up the speakers better tonight. Edit to add: sounds like they're trying to edit the sound on the fly between a mic at the speakers and the regular field mics.
  15. Somehow when they do that with baseball bats at minor league games, the adults are staggering around like idiots. It's either a product of the lower head angle for taller people spinning over shorter sticks or they're picking people who have already had plenty of beer.
  16. "We have four willing contestants...” Except the kid in the tan shorts looked less than enthused.
  17. I know...it's like you're thinking, "It's so tragic, delicate, beautiful.....HEE HAW HEE HAW,"
  18. Post that you're having a smooth feed with no issues. Or stop and restart the feed Or jiggle the cable.. I dunno
  19. The logo at the 50 yard line can be a bit visually jarring at times. I think it's the whiteness of the donkey teeth. Too bad Boston isn't here to use it for effect.
  20. Interpret my comment however you like! *waggles eyebrows*
  21. This show just has so much verve. They're really starting to enjoy themselves while doing it.
  22. That was some high definition fishnet hose wasn't it?
  23. I wonder if the guys in the guard get facial cramps from snarling like that for 11:30?