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  1. It's the selling. They want this show to be so much. And they know they can do it. It just seems to be a brass ring they're not quite grasping fully. So they're selling what they got for it. Hopefully they'll have it ironed out for Finals because the design is a lot of fun.
  2. Bloo really selling it tonight. Lots of ceiling left to achieve in the design, but they're really selling it. There's something just really great about this show.
  3. Love the camera shot with the misty moon in the bluffs in the background there.
  4. First time seeing Phantom for me this year. I tend to love Phantom shows.
  5. Lol with the 'no more ties' angle on the backyard brawl fundraiser commercial.
  6. This bit has good intensity though. I wonder if its going into to be a year where the show shines on the up or down of one number? SCV 2000 seemed to hinge on how well they pulled off Barber's Adagio.
  7. I'm just mildly whelmed. Not underwhelmed...just not overwhelmed. It's a bunch of elements that don't seem to flow together. The bit with the one guy being thrown just seemed like the color guard decided to grab someone and throw them up and down.
  8. Much much cleaner than in Ft. Wayne. I had the feeling they had literally just added elements at that show.
  9. That show's drill makes much more sense with the tree. I ... Liked it
  10. The center mic visibly wobbled from my view in the stands at Ft. Wayne. They were futzing with it during the intermission at one point. They seemed to have some equipment issues given that it was threatening to rain.
  11. Feels like a completely different show than what I saw live in Ft. Wayne. There's a lot more going on complexity wise,
  12. I don't remember Spirit having this tree in the Ft. Wayne show, I do remember having the sense that, "They're going to be adding something to this show visually at some point" though,
  13. I kinda had the opposite response. The show was pleasant enough, the props really didn't add much to it for me other than the nifty drill move where they compressed the lines to move from one room to the other going right across the field.
  14. Yeah. It feels more about the narration than the performance of the sections.
  15. That's an amazing picture. I'm sure the corps would love it for their website
  16. That'd be worth give some token points on the scoresheet just for fun.
  17. I recall someone saying at the Fort Wayne show, "Oh good the frame is back," as they were laying it out. St. Francis' field is fake turf so I"m presuming they'd seen them at a grass show previous and they didn't use it.
  18. I was at the Ft. Wayne show. BD seemed travel weary or unfocused for some reason. Their show had some marching flaws going on. Bloo looked good but has some obvious cleaning to do and the ending still felt very 'new' in execution. I think it'll be fun seeing them duke it out again tonight for those in MN.