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  1. Oh yay. I think from her response, she wasn't expecting that. Leading that. corps through all that improvement.
  2. I'm tucked in bed with the laptop. trying to key down I have an absurdly early flight tomorrow.
  3. This. I was there in 2000 saying "no more ties" but if I were there tonight, I'd be tempted to get people started on a 'we want ties!"
  4. I was wondering if anyone was gonna pick up on that layer to the joke.
  5. Wow. That was a heck of a run. I prefer Bloo's show from an entertainment point of view, but I think BD just won this. And you know, I don't care. Tonight was a gas.
  6. [now for another phenomenal show performed exceptionally and declared "not clean" by the other side of the aisle]
  7. I missed the theater show being on a plane later than I'd hoped. But heard via the web that "it's a Beatles show" and thought "This will be either the best thing ever or a disaster they'll regret." I'm so glad we got the former.
  8. Fun fact: The tradition of booing the Bluecoats onto the field goes back to the 1970s when they marched under the name the Michael Boo Coats.
  9. that has been my experience too. But tonight the web is rock solid for me. Go figure.
  10. The brass is just soaring now. Completely different sound than Crown's of course, but so powerful