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  1. 10 hours ago, TRacer said:

    My son is a returning member in 2020 and all he will say is that “expectations are higher for the hornline” under their new CH. My understanding is that one of their new brass members is coming all the way from Scandinavia, a nice geographic reach. 😎

    Recruited on the basis of last year's show making them feel at home?  

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  2. Those last 3 minutes.  I remember being up in the stands going nuts.  Didn't matter that it was the third night in a row we'd seen it, it was just crazy time.  We'd roar and be half out of our seats then everyone was like "ok hush down, over there now" ROAR. then "shh shh shh, don't miss this..." ROAR.

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  3. 2 hours ago, greg_orangecounty said:

    Sabers do not count.  I don’t acknowledge their existence unless it’s inside for Winter Guard.  Sabers get lost on a football field and can barely be seen.

    They've been used well at times.  Carolina Crown and BD have had some amazing sabre moments where they'd be scattered across the field and pop up with super high spin tosses and catch the lights 'just so' and create a sparkle effect across the field.

  4. 2 hours ago, George Dixon said:

    I (personally) would expect "Varsity" to end up with the drum corps video biz / licenses within five years

    As others have mentioned I know they are interested in USB (and/or BOA) to get a foot in the door

    Which one sells to them first is anyone's guess - but Varsity is a BILLION dollar annual biz... yes, with a B

    I could see this.   Flo was trying to bust into the Major League Soccer streaming business with DC United and Cincinnati while making overtures to other teams and the league itself.  

    The whole thing was done on promises that they'd be doing specialized content, features, match day things pre and post game, etc.  The day of the first game came for Flo to cover and the entire first half was missing because...we never did learn why.  It was almost like it was halftime and someone at Flo remembered, "oh yeah, some soccer thing" and hit a switch somewhere.  

    They offered refunds and the like and subsequent games were streamed fairly well.  But the additional content and such never materialized.  Then completely out of the blue, DC United announced they were ending the contract with one game left on Flo's schedule.  DC streamed it for free on their website.  No word on any lawsuits regarding 'breach of contract' from either way about that. 

    Flo also had Big Ten network's "BTN Plus" content streaming at one point, now that's back over on its own app an BTN's regular channel is streamed through the Fox Sports Go app.  

    Both of these seem to indicate Flo tried to expand into all sorts of areas and markets of streaming without actually laying out the infrastructure, staffing, and such to make good on their promises (something DCI could have probably told them...) and it's starting to collapse as the 'big streaming players' are leaving those hasty deals.  That would prime some company who is ready to do it to hop in there and start sniping particular contracts.  Varsity getting in there would make sense.  I do wonder if they'd go for WGI before trying to take on DCI and BOA though given that the logistics of streaming from a gym are probably easier than a football field.

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  5. Heh.  I liked the first two cheer movies because they’re was so much carryover in the dynamics of cheer and band.   While I was never into cheer, the moments of traditions, camps, social pressures, passion, creativity, performances, team building, resilience, being largely misunderstood by those outside of the activity, etc. were all instantly familiar. 


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  6. 3 hours ago, Glenn426 said:

    If I was on their design team I would buy a pallet of Eiwi's Stack the front sideline and have an Electronic WW moment.

    They clearly had a WW Ensemble moment in mind for one of their shows.

    And in another part of the Show have a Mannequin holding a flute appear while the synth plays a Flute Patch for the entire ballad while the Brass accompanies.. 

    Such archaic thinking, to allow the sounds from a WW instrument on the field but not allow the instrument itself. 


    There may be a moratorium on Mannequin use after the Cadets show...

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  7. 8 hours ago, Year Fiver said:

    Currently, neither woodwinds nor strings are allowed in any musical capacity, whether on the field or in the pit. String instruments that have been featured during the past few years have only been allowed because they're classified as electronics, ie they are electric violins, electric guitars, etc (or they were prop instruments "played" by actors, with their "music" being produced by a synth).

    The proposal, as written, would have allowed for any instrument to be used in any capacity, both on the field and in the pit, as a section or as a solo. So corps A could have changed nothing, corps B could have featured a woodwind soloist in the pit, and corps C could have fielded a full woodwind/strings line for the whole show in the drill, and those would have all been legal.

    Hmm.  By this reasoning, if Bloo really wants to have their ensemble in the pit, they could use one of those electronic woodwind instruments and classify it as electronics then?  Or would that be 'too close for comfort?" 

  8. So. That's over for a couple years.  Does Bloo's counter proposal tip their hand that they were on the pro-WW side of things?  Will this incur backlash? Will FloMarching send 'investigative reporters' to create stories and get fired within a week for making comments that draw criticism?  Winter storylines could be juicy!


  9. 9 hours ago, cybersnyder said:

    Weren’t those tickets on the secondary market? The ‘skins already got their money but season ticket holders couldn’t dump their tickets.  If enough PSL owners don’t renew, the he’ll feel the pinch. 

    No idea, but probably.  But the utter lack of demand for them and the thousands of empty seats in the stadium doesn't say much for the future of tickets sales either.

  10. 1 minute ago, Fran Haring said:

    Maybe because the DC team firing everyone is kind of a routine thing with them? :tongue:

    Fair enough.  It seems kinda serious this time though. Ticket prices for NFL games not against teams near by were going for like $4 by the end of the season.  Games against nearby teams were going for more because the demand was actually coming from away fans.  Dannyboy's pocket might be feeling the reality.

    I don't really follow the sport anymore anyway. it's just something that comes up on the  news.

  11. 1 hour ago, Fran Haring said:

    I was at a mall here in the Baltimore area today, and saw about a dozen or so members of the Baltimore Ravens Marching Band setting up to play.

    I thought "Wow... they're here for a pro-woodwinds rally... amazing how much support the idea has"... but then remembered the Ravens have a playoff game this weekend and there are events all around town.


    Local CBS News down here in DC had more coverage of "can't wait for the Ravens game" hype than "the DC team is firing errrybody" news.

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