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  1. Just now, Jake W. said:

    As much as I loved all four brasslines preceding Blue Stars, they’re bringing us a beautiful level of nuance & control we haven’t heard yet tonight. Well executed, BS! A balanced, bright, shimmering brass sound.

    They have a somewhat distinctive sound with their brass.  I started noticing it develop a few years back and there's something about the brightness of it that's really nice. 

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  2. Just now, Dpsouthern81 said:

    Love the rifle in the mouth work. Definitely out of the box. 

    There's a bit later where they line up the props on side A and sit on them drop the rifles, catch them with their feet and hold them for the other line down on the field to take as they catch the rifles that line has tossed up to them.  They do a LOT of nifty tricks with rifles. 

  3. 2 minutes ago, Musicman1084 said:

    A lot of groups have jumped aboard the "Hurt" train back when Johnny Cash recorded a cover of it in the 2000s.  It seems like a lot of hidden gem songs have gained popularity from cover albums. I can think of Peter Gabriel as another example.  There was a two part compilation titled "Scratch My Back" and "And I'll Scratch Yours." One was an album of him doing covers of other artists, and the other was an album of other artists doing covers of his music.  Some music from these albums have also been used in the marching arts.

    Scratch my Back is where SCV got their take on My Body is a Cage last year.   I fully expect to see more of that stuff appear in shows, there's some great stuff in how he handles those tunes.   I could see someone do his take on Book of Love for a ballad.  

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