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  1. Catching up on threads after a long day. I'd like to nominate this for the "Most Off Season Thread of the 2019/2020 off season"
  2. Force of Nature. Me at show announcement: Ugh, they're doing a four seasons show. Me seeing the first stream: Oh gosh this is a visual treat with all sorts of neat things going on. Me at Annapolis live: [whispering to a friend] See, bird calls in the pit! MMs noticing me point and playing the next few calls our way. Me geeking out...then THAT HIT...uuuuuhhh. so good. A bit later, me and about three other people.... VANGUARD! [the circulation of when to do the yell had just started]
  3. That's answered in the new Netflix movie. No spoilers for others.
  4. Sorry. I figured GIR was neutral enough since he’s always a part of the Irken invasion plans going wrong.
  5. Yeah. The Euphonium soloist coming out of one of the coffins for the solo was just one of the nice touches that show had.
  6. We're still waiting on the DCA season to finish.
  7. I went with Cavies this year. But realllllllllly hovered a long time over Crown. Spark of Invention got a long look too.
  8. If VK were around today, I'd want them doing a show based entirely on viral meme music. Can you imagine the audience participation on Baby Shark for a closer? I mean, they could just unmothball the prop...
  9. You wait until the sousaphone lines start using glitter covers on the bells and waving them in high step!
  10. You’re missing some great shows
  11. 7th Regiment's cymbal line was working it well in Open Class
  12. Heh. Yeah those Sondheim covers have a lot going for them. That's where the Pretty Women/Ladies who lunch arragement my high school did a year or so later came from.
  13. Into the Light. Such a well done show. Immortal holds a soft spot for me as well though.
  14. BK this year. Been giving that views and listens since finals night and it's impressively seamless.
  15. We did her meledy of Pretty Women/Ladies Who Lunch for a closer in high school one year. It was pretty ok. The swells and phrases of Pretty Women were great to play. Does this mean we'd also need a competing Bette Midler show in the same season though?
  16. End of Gabriel's Oboe on finals night. Crown REALLY got that piece working.
  17. Where the Heart is. This show grew on me through the season and by season's end, along with BK's show that year, were the emotional tugs of the night. The guard that year was PHENOMENAL. I think they placed 4th on finals night. Honorable mention to Game On. That show was better than its placement. That was the year the Cavies got a the ick bug and had to miss some shows. The development of Game On never got entirely finished it seemed.
  18. If not DCB from Academy, I'd have gone with Sideshow as well. There were flaws and it never quite got as clean as it ought to have, but it was a great take on the 'circus show' theme. The guard work was super creative with things like the conjoined twins work setting up two people working with one flag.
  19. Ooh this a tough one. Lots of good shows. I'll go with Animal Farm though. That ballad has gotten a lot of relistens for me. Avian, Continuum, New York Morning, and Life Rite After are hard to say no to.
  20. Philosoraptor muses: "In the tic era would this count as a tic against the guard or the brass?"
  21. I'm the one vote for Corpsmen 2014. During the season...it wasn't all that but when putting on the finalists for a long drive I''d reordered the tracks for 12-1 rather than 1-12 and hearing that show's energy an verve to open led me to discover so much more to it than I had during the season.