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  1. FYI. I restarted after phantom as I typically do after each corps. My stream for Crossmen has been fine. I went hardwire to the computer tonight
  2. Wait...who is this on the field? [j/k] Thanks for fixing that, Flo.
  3. Lol. On the field was persistent through half of the commercial...
  4. Holy hell PR. You sold that show musically like never all season! It has its flaws, but you made me just LOVE it. And look at the faces. Aw
  5. Powerful opening statement from Phantom tonight. They want 11th back.
  6. ima ping their social media about the box. it's super annoying.
  7. Hahaha. I can't not hear it. Thanks to my dad who taught me all the "goofy lyrics" to the thing the organ would play during minor league hockey games growing up.
  8. Who does write their shows? Director? A corps wide effort to put things into it?
  9. Next thing they'll lose the headgear and wear spandex individualized costumes? looooool. No.
  10. You also get all the sport and stuff they carry if you're into that.
  11. Alright. Who gets more clap along for the the We Will Rock You, the INpact kids or Crossmen?
  12. Who was it they were showing in the video montage with the kids? Madison from two years ago? Looked like a bunch of middle school kids with some biker gang with horns.
  13. I sorta wish the INpact band was a thing when I was in middle school. It looks like a fun thing. I was part of the TriState honor band for concert bands two years running though in high school. It was super fun to meet really good musicians from other schools and work on concert music together.
  14. I realized I forgot to wear my Bluecoats White Album tour shirt last night. Sorry! I'm putting it on now.
  15. 30 years later and the Frack heard Round the World is still being talked about.