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  1. Yeah. I was there in 2000 chanting "no more ties" but ... i'm ready for one again.
  2. Well he had a good experience in those formative years! And although the injury is no good, it sounds like he gained a ton of maturity and wise decision making skills to know what his limits are and what he wants from things. And the skill to get a degree and teach. I'm sure he'll land somewhere!
  3. [Narrator: Little did they imagine in 2012, Bobby would grow up to become a legend in the new world of e-sports rather than the marching arts.]
  4. Whew. BD tonight. Seems like it should be this way going back and forth like it has since they met up
  5. There's the SOA and Crossmen age outs doing the annual photo together
  6. The air matress and the Couchmen poster are great up there.
  7. Thrower pointing to the Bloo ageouts as he takes his hall of fame award
  8. Note the posted schedule listed 11:20 PM Last Score Announced I tend to like to have these moments. It's about the camaraderie and memories.
  9. Geez. Even when those BD vocal ensemble kids do a bow, they ripple it from end to center perfectly. I'm dying at their viz that seems to almost a habitual thing.
  10. I&E, Playing the age outs to the field, 10 minute music number with photo montage... it'll be a while yet.
  11. The Netherlands seems to have a lot of kids come over for the summer for this activity.
  12. This is the time of year when all the top corps have a disastrous run full of errors and their design is just unwatchable and everyone has to have the last word. I tend to roll my eyes hard at those posts and move on.
  13. Heh, in their uniforms these two kids look like a prom couple posing with their parents.
  14. Hah per tradition not giving last scores until after age out. Holding the top three rather than two though I note.
  15. Oh just noticed, they're wearing the medals under their coats. A year to remember.