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  1. Jeff P wants to be out there in front of those tenors .... SO BAD. He could have grabbed a guard pole and faked his way out there.
  2. The mood created by BK. Just....smooth and silky. This show is gonna get tons of listens from me.
  3. Ruh roh. Flomarching logo appeared here for a bit in the middle. Now up top. I think they're trying to get their branding back on somehow after nuking everything to get the "on the field" box gone. Heh.
  4. I still would prefer some super winter blast ending for that show. But they sold the soft ending real well tonight, I'll buy it. I still think a soft, off in the distance, "awhooooooooo" would have ben a nice touch.
  5. Nor me. This is more evidence that Flo seems to have more than one sort of stream going out depending on the devices one uses or something and that they're all handled differently in some regard.
  6. They have a somewhat distinctive sound with their brass. I started noticing it develop a few years back and there's something about the brightness of it that's really nice.
  7. Blue Stars. Last chance to end your show with the wolf howl it deserves!
  8. I swear, if the design of this show could put them a few spots up, that drum line would be scoring in the top 4
  9. I actually like the hats. They should reuse them for a steampunk show.
  10. Steve Rondinaro's response in the theater was hilarious. "That was very [full 3 seconds of silence] different." Then "He's still in character as they exit the field." I was more worried they were gonna scrape him off the side as they entered the tunnel
  11. Oooh. yes. That has a lot of thematic possibilities too. Heck he even makes Neil Young's "one note wonder" Philadelphia work by giving it harmonies and such.
  12. I still think if Mandarins wanted to go "VK joke" for finals tonight they could have had the guy with the lantern dressed in DCI field judge garb.
  13. There's a bit later where they line up the props on side A and sit on them drop the rifles, catch them with their feet and hold them for the other line down on the field to take as they catch the rifles that line has tossed up to them. They do a LOT of nifty tricks with rifles.
  14. Scratch my Back is where SCV got their take on My Body is a Cage last year. I fully expect to see more of that stuff appear in shows, there's some great stuff in how he handles those tunes. I could see someone do his take on Book of Love for a ballad.
  15. Crossmen is a lot of fun to watch. It's a total viking rock and roll show.
  16. FYI. I restarted after phantom as I typically do after each corps. My stream for Crossmen has been fine. I went hardwire to the computer tonight
  17. Wait...who is this on the field? [j/k] Thanks for fixing that, Flo.
  18. Lol. On the field was persistent through half of the commercial...
  19. Holy hell PR. You sold that show musically like never all season! It has its flaws, but you made me just LOVE it. And look at the faces. Aw
  20. Powerful opening statement from Phantom tonight. They want 11th back.