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  1. Yeah, this is the argument against moving the exhibition here. In the days of apps and phones, no one stays for scores or age out etc.
  2. Geez the last 7 corps have had moments that put the little hairs on my arms straight up.
  3. Year after year, BD guard book is a clinic on how to use the guard to accent the music.
  4. Alright biting in to a roll smeared with Concord grape jelly right now.
  5. And they do a spin thing that makes me worry about a double decapitation.
  6. Giant Steps is a monster. I wish it got more time in Boston's show but I can totally understand why it doesn't. It'd be an interesting number to build a whole show around.
  7. I love how much they haul getting to the front then the crown form.
  8. I'm gonna have trouble breathing through this ballad again...
  9. I know. This years opening chord is like "OMGOMGOMG it's happening!"
  10. Alright, that kid handled the questions with a lot of poise.
  11. Last camera shot....yeah Flop on Top is getting out of control
  12. YEah we were lookin. Is the brighter line 'new' tonight? I wasn't paying that much attention to it last night.
  13. I think that was the part where my friend saw the marimba and/or player go over the line last night.