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  1. Good Morning!! Question: Is Crown doing their practice video snippets again this year?? If so, how do I get in on them? Thanks!! I do have my fathom event and DCI Atlanta tickets secured!!
  2. Good Afternoon to you Would your statement have anything to do with Camp Weekend??
  3. Point taken.... although I rather enjoyed the old PBS broadcasts back in the day... LOL
  4. Bummer that we, as subscribers, don't get to see the rest of the competition tonight.... smh
  5. LOL..... they are now.... they were in 2nd on the chart for a few toningt...... smh
  6. Seeing Crown in 2nd and a good leap in score on the chart looks oh so good... although they didn't have of their true rivals to compete against tonight!! Good momentum going into finals. I'll be a diehard Crownie regardless!!
  7. AGREED!!! Their score tonight puts up to 3rd place for now
  8. The ladies look like they put on wigs as well for the ensemble??? Am I seeing correct??
  9. Oh WOW!!!!! I had to go back and look. I always saw them go backfield but couldn't tell what they were doing coming back on field.... now that's a moment I cannot wait to witness in Atlanta!!!!! The videos don't really give you that clear look at everything that's going on. But again... WOW!! And thanks for your polite smack upside the head!!!! LOL
  10. Yes their pacing!!! Along with the constant layering of the pieces of the show that they have already put on the field all the way up til Atlanta, I believe. Some may have not like the finished product over the years, but would be pressed to say that Crown didn't put a darn good polishing on their finished shows!!! I definitely give the them snaps and KUDOS for that!!
  11. Nice run tonight Crown!! I personally love how they are hanging in with an incomplete show on the field... kinda reminding me of early 2015
  12. Periscope in Clovis Raymond Gonzalez