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  1. Question: Is section 139 @ Lucus Oil a good pick for a 1st time going to DCI Finals??
  2. Was I seeing wrong during the Bluecoats run...Mics on mm horns that weren't soloist??
  3. Omg, I can't take it!!! C'mon Crown!!! Get your Bronze!!!
  4. I was sitting in 236C and noticed the same thing about the food and bar service being closed, as opposed to last year, same section and they were up and running. Seems we also came away with the same experience as far as the highlights from the various Corps performances!!
  5. I'm here live.... crowd was standing and cheering from the company front to the end.....
  6. YES, CROWN CLOSER!!!! Nice changes and a great run tonight!!!!
  7. The last weekend in July each year is like Christmas to me, as DCI comes to my city!!! I'll be in section 236, row 1 tomorrow. It's the Madison Scouts block and I will have a FANTASTIC unobstructed view of the entire field!! I was in the same section last year and to be able to enjoy sound and full visual from that level was just outstanding.... not to mention the club level bar and food vendor ... hurry up tomorrow... LOL
  8. Whew, the way this just tickled me!!!!!! LMAOOOOO
  9. Yes!!! I will be at the Atlanta show as well!!! So ready to see them live and hopefully with changes!!
  10. Is the entire show going to be a Live Stream
  11. In my theater, when Crown blew that 1st hit, I heard folk saying WOW all around me. Bluecoats, while visually and beautifully colorful, fell short for me with the over the top amplification that at times was louder than the brass playing. Brass was basically relegated to the center of the field due to all the props on both end zones. I agree that more color is definitely needed for Crown, but man..... I can't say enough about how crisp the quality of their brass was and how the nice percussion moments were for an initial competition.... whew!! The mello whole note at the end makes me nervous.... lungs are definitely pushed to the hilt there because of the pace of the show.