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  1. What matters in any caption — or subcaption — on the score sheet at DCI Finals is NOT the entire body of work a particular corps has or has not achieved to that point. What matters is the corps’ performance THAT NIGHT ONLY. Judges should NOT take previous scores into consideration.
  2. “Let it Be Me.” Spirit of Atlanta 1978, 1979, 1980.
  3. Tonight’s order of finish will depend on one thing: How close will The Cavaliers’ brass line be to Crown’s brass line?
  4. Okay, peeps! Ready for the finest Cavaliers brass line since 2002?
  5. ...and that’s sad. The design team did their brass line a huge disservice.
  6. Maybe The Cadets’ design team will “do better” next year.
  7. Catch Crown? That’s the wrong question. Can The Cavaliers catch Vanguard?
  8. I explain drum corps judging to newbies thusly: “Whoever performs the most difficult show the cleanest wins.”
  9. Yes. I heard them live earlier this evening and they kicked it up several notches.
  10. I was high up and on the 50 in Centerville and yes, Blue Devils won brass fair and square; percussion too. The Bluecoats are terrific this year but their brass book isn’t as hard as the Blue Devils’ brass book.
  11. Centerville gets weaker every year. We are all happy to witness the Blue Devils and Bluecoats in their battle royale but the rest of the field won’t make Finals.