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  1. 1. is it FREE 2. is there a SIGNIFICANT DISCOUNT on hotel rooms? 3. will whatever city this is bend over backwards to give the Corps every possible need fullfilled via fields, lack of hills, a fun space for Mini Corps/I&E/PantsOffDanceOff/BBQ Competition? If you can answer yes to these 3 questions... then maybe. But again... the city needs to ask "what can we do to bring you here" vs "what can you bring to this city"
  2. I think DCI open class has hit its niche. No, $4k-6k of worlds is not feasible for many. Hence why many are marching fewer years than before. But I think also of why open class is growing. $1200-3k is a little more sustainable. But the schedule, to me, is pretty feasible, and designed around school schedules. You have one camp a month from nov to june. then move in early july and are done with tour in 6 weeks. Or you have a camp week around the 4th. and then move-in/tour for the last two weeks of july and two august weeks for championships. With your own open class tour of exotic locations like Sheffield, PA, and Avon Lake, OH. The cities aren't amazing, but the show crowds are filling more every year.
  3. You'd have to foster a good relationship with DCI to piggyback performance opportunities, until you can build 6 all age corps. DCATx? DCA-AggieHorn Division? DCA-Brisket Division!!!!!!!<-BINGO!!!! That's it... I've solved it. NE = DCA Pizza SE = DCA Pulled Pork Midwest = DCA Juicy Lucy TX= DCA Brisket what can be more fan friendly?
  4. DCA has no use outside of the few places it exists currently. In reality, outside the NE. There's no support for groups to perform anywhere outside the NE unless it's piggybacking off of a DCI show or SDCA show. There's no shows outside the NE. Heck, St Peter's show was 1 corps. One. Uno. One of the southern shows was two corps. One in Long Island was three competing and several exhibition. That's not helpful to grow your circuit.
  5. I'm not sure what you're challenging, those are the numbers of corps that competed in each class in DCI last season. None of which will move to DCA. the ones whom are trying to move from soundsport into Open Class are Compass & Lone Star. They also do not look to be interested in DCA. DCA would not help them in Texas.
  6. theyre up to 23 world class, and 24 open class in DCI. the soundsport model is working to develop new groups. There's a few more coming for open class.
  7. except that it's not. AGT is still on top of ratings, and The Voice still topped the NFL in viewership. The market is strong for it. again, not your generation, your generation is old hat. But not facilitating any sort of change, is why DCA is where it is. Fear of trying something new, and it not going over like a smash hit, has put the fanbase's one foot into the grave.
  8. then its time for the corps to band together, take a collection, and pay into the pot which will save their butts. DCI pulls its resources. Hence all the corps have a buy in and shares of the profits. Not every corps for itself.
  9. engaging them digitally will bring more fans. this is the era where everything is found on a phone or tablet. time to hire some software engineers to do just that. the voting app is a fun feature. where DCA was supposed to be the fun circuit. otherwise its looking like a DCI lite.
  10. short term. 1. understand the product they are selling "DCI training ground, or entertainment focused alternative" 2. get soundsport on board, encourage corps to participate in DCI All Age, and bring in smaller corps to help fill or create shows. more shows is more exposure. long term. 1. get digital and connect the generation that gets everything on their phone. (tickets, videos, interviews, fan feedback...) 2. create a better foundation of show & corps creation, organization, and sustainability. a better, more organized support structure for growing your all-age ensemble and helping to fund the machine that is DCA.
  11. this is all part of creating an attachment and engaging the younger generations. this is marketing. it's not for your age group. your age group is either engaged and staying, or has already left. no reason to bother with it. use the same app for ticketing and, much like the DCI app, videos of the lot, interviews with the showmen drum majors and designers... all the stuff you're getting everywhere else, you should be getting on your phone. This is the new generation of drum corps fans.
  12. bus some fans there. sell some tickets. heck, I'll bet you one ice cold Genessee that John Mayer will be on the Govie's Podium yelling "Don't you love us? Give us five stars! I've got hugs for everyone who gives the Govies 5 stars!, and you can take Tuna home with you!"
  13. its simple. the app we used had three sliders for ranking each groups performance component from 1-5. what they sang, how they sang it, and the overall schtick (costumes, dance...whatever) total score was 15 points. the software collected data and averaged it all out for each group. no, participants didn't get a vote. if DCA wants to get some traction, it needs to learn to do social media well. It needs to figure it the (redacted) out. Find a way to make a personal connection, and you'll gain attendees and members. give the audience 5%-10% of the GE score. see what happens. you want more? bus some (redacted) fans to the show. sell more tickets in your block. but there's one bit you can steal from the judges. and this is the kinder gentler drum corps era. give the friendly people a voice. but stop crying about how one group always comes out on top when you actually CAN have the ability now to stack the deck for yourselves in a piece of the score. this actually puts DCA in the palm of your hand, creates an instant connection to the show, and when you rent it to others (like when my company sponsors an app at a conference) its got a big ol fat "Powered by DCA" across the top. 42,000 fans at DCI then have to see it. Which they have an instant link that takes them to the DCA and Corps websites while they're grabbing a beer at the Oil Can. Rent it to TOB, BOA, CoB, KMEA, TMEA... you get the idea. Turn that $$$$ into a sweeeeet stadium for finals and a Cadillac for a pit cart. You put a few DCA reps at DCI finals in the marketplace, give away a few t-shirts, " first 50 people to find a DCA rep and answer a question wins a free shirt" and all of sudden people seek you out. Us simply sponsoring an app at a conference and giving away a couple of travel mugs gave us thousands of hits and people coming up to us to ask about our company. Which lead to more business. There's already a DCI mobile app during finals. (online videos, highlights, interviews, warmup clips...) Its is highly downloaded and used. You may say you're not interested, the new fan of drum corps is.
  14. The unique operation of the app that was used for the karaoke league, was that it only functioned in the venue that the competition was at. you couldn't log into it outside the venue or on a different day. it was only set up for the groups or people performing, and it was only on for that space, in that venue. So there was no possible way to influence scores from anywhere else or on any other day. And that's ok if you don't add it, others would. It's providing instant gratification that the new generation is accustomed to. Its a connection to the activity never before existing.
  15. servierville, TN show used a paper ballot for their fan vote. it wasn't part of the total score. but it was fun to see a brand new gatorade jug be awarded to the fan favorite. if DCA is smart. they'd get a programmer to develop it, then RENT it to DCI shows for $$$$$$$$.
  16. start somewhere. do something better to make connections and the circuit more accessible than it is. the power of the app to make connections is unlimited. i thought this was the positive brainstorming thread?
  17. start somewhere. innovate and it'll help to grow that fanbase. give the corps a reason to bring some more people. No show will hate increased revenue for a 15% fan vote. provide audience interaction that isn't there currently. Be the fun approachable circuit that it used to be. encourage the younger audience to show up since the old one is dying off. make a connection to the younger fans via technology. be positive about something. try it.
  18. So what? Encourage your group to bring more fans. Sell more tickets in your block. You still have all the other captions of normal judges. Be accessible and throw in a way to connect the younger generation. But do something to advance the circuit. Hell, rent the app to dci to make some money you can then put into a bigger stadium and some marketing for finals
  19. not a clap vote. a ballot. an app. something where one person isn't relying on the person next to them. there's a really good app used for competitive karaoke. its asks for audience input on material shown, performance of it, and best of show. maybe there will some regional bias... but what better way to sell tickets or to get your fans to travel? screw it. get fans to the shows. DCA was always the one supposed to be accessible to the fans. make it so.
  20. What sort of reaction does it get. Not reaction from the people in polos with a patch on them, but the people whom bought tickets. When it stops being about how the educated ones in the box get it, and becomes about the ones buying tickets, you may see some fun results. Actual general effect, not perceived general affect. the Sevierville, TN show had an audience vote. Where they simply put assigned 1-8 on the sheet of their favorite performance of the night. And folded it up, and put it into the box. Someone counted it, and a trophy was then presented. Man, if you had that come as a DCA phone app... give it 20%. see what happens.
  21. I actually think you can do two weeks after DCI finals. this gives DCA one weekend to plug holes with DCI kids if they can. Sure, not everyone likes the point where hornlines magically grow, but if you can't give those coming back from tour a sample, how can you recruit from them?
  22. therein lies the rub. the shows aren't operate by DCA except for prelims and finals. They are independent of each other. Perhaps DCA could have rehearsal weekends, and show weekends. One weekend in the summer is nothing but rehearsal sat,sun. (or fri,sat,sun) and the next is a two show weekend. alternate, rinse, repeat.