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  1. I'm guessing The Cadets would WANT to find a new HQ location
  2. I can't confirm, but considering Ron Lambert was the BAC assistant director in 2017, 2018 and 2019, it seems likely.
  3. Show and Tell is scheduled for noon, and a Volunteer and Parent Meeting at 11:00am
  4. Specifically, Lakewood Ranch High School in Bradenton, where assistant director Ron Lambert has been the band director for the past sixteen years. It's fortunate that he can open up his school for outdoor brass rehearsals so early in the season. https://yea.org/cadets/staff/ron-lambert
  5. Nor whether the new Cadets organization will continue to be headquartered in Allentown, or somewhere else?
  6. Number of FloMarching appearances (pre-Indy) for World Class corps The Academy 9 Blue Devils 14 Blue Knights 13 Blue Stars 17 Bluecoats 13 Boston Crusaders 14 The Cadets 10 Carolina Crown 15 The Cavaliers 15 Colts 12 Crossmen 12 Genesis 8 Jersey Surf 9 Madison Scouts 11 Mandarins 10 Music City 10 Pacific Crest 10 Phantom Regiment 13 Santa Clara Vanguard 12 Seattle Cascades 7 Spirit of Atlanta 8 Troopers 9
  7. Perhaps this is the Tuesday 6/30 show listed on the schedule as "DCI - Philadelphia" with Jersey Surf pictured? Rowan would make sense as a venue, since Cadets are persona non grata at Penn/Franklin Field, and the sod at Talen Energy Field in Chester now seems too delicate for drum corps. https://www.dci.org/events/2020-tbd-philadelphia Bluecoats - Canton, OH Boston Crusaders - Boston, MA The Cadets - Allentown, PA Crossmen - San Antonio, TX Jersey Surf - Camden County, NJ Music City - Nashville, TN Phantom Regiment - Rockford, IL Raiders - Burlington, NJ Spirit of Atlanta - Atlanta, GA
  8. In 2008, Cotton Bowl capacity was expanded from 68,252 to 92,100 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cotton_Bowl_(stadium) Of all the venues that have hosted DCI finals, I'd say Camp Randall had the greatest capacity concert side.
  9. I was puzzled by that response as well. rpbobcat expressed concerns before he/she is willing to make a donation to the corps, and that's understandable. so... why not share those concerns with denise?
  10. Ever heard of email? https://yea.org/home/team dbonfiglio@yea.org
  11. I guess it's pretty serious? Thank you, Simone.