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  1. https://yea.org/cadets/join ONE DAY TEXAS AUDITION ⁄ CLINIC Saturday, November 23, 2019 Audition/Clinic Spring, Texas TWO DAY PA AUDITION ⁄ CLINIC Saturday, November 23, 2019 Audition/Clinic Salem, New Jersey ONE DAY FLORIDA AUDITION ⁄ CLINIC Saturday, December 7, 2019 Audition/Clinic Jupiter, Florida AUDITION CALL BACK Friday, December 13, 2019 Audition/Clinic Salem, New Jersey JANUARY BRASS & PERCUSSION CAMP NEW Friday, January 17, 2020 Drum Corps Camp Salem, New Jersey JANUARY PERCUSSION CAMP NEW Friday, January 31, 2020 Drum Corps Camp Salem, New Jersey FEBRUARY BRASS CAMP NEW Friday, February 14, 2020 Drum Corps Camp Bradenton, Florida MARCH BRASS CAMP NEW Friday, March 13, 2020 Drum Corps Camp Salem, New Jersey APRIL CAMP & GUARD FINAL AUDITION NEW Friday, April 24, 2020 Drum Corps Camp Philadelphia Area, Pennsylvania
  2. 2020 2019 Site 6/20 Thu Detroit, MI 6/22 Sat North Canton, OH 6/23 Sun Zionsville, IN 6/25 Tue Hamilton, OH 6/26 Wed Pittsburgh, PA 1 6/26 Fri 6/28 Fri Allentown, PA 2 6/27 Sat 6/29 Sat Lawrence, MA 3 6/28 Sun 7/1 Mon Lynn, MA 4 6/30 Tue TBD Philadelphia, PA 7/2 Tue East Rutherford, NJ 7/5 Fri Lisle, IL 7/6 Sat Whitewater, WI 7/7 Sun Menomonie, WI 7/9 Tue Sioux City, IA 5 7/9 Thu Knoxville, TN 7/12 Fri Casper, WY Here's a direct comparison of the first three weeks of tour. I agree that the 2020 tour is addition by subtraction for the reasons you cited -- particularly more rehearsal time for a cleaner show out of the gate.
  3. Greektown Casino would be the closest. As a former Detroiter, I'd consider staying in Windsor and taking the Tunnel Bus. Best Western Plus Waterfront Hotel 277 Riverside Dr W, Windsor, Ontario N9A 5K4, Canada https://www.citywindsor.ca/residents/transitwindsor/Routes-and-Schedules/Tunnel-Bus-to-Detroit/Pages/Tunnel-Bus-to-Detroit.aspx
  4. RIP Chester, PA show (their sacred sod will no longer suffer the savagery of drum corps tarps and prop-a-palooza!) replaced by an impressive TEN CORPS lineup Wednesday 7/29 at MetLife! Blue Knights Blue Stars Boston Crusaders Carolina Crown Crossmen Jersey Surf Mandarins Santa Clara Vanguard The Cadets The Cavaliers
  5. Seems like they are shortening the tour (skipping Premiere in Detroit) to stay close to home, likely perform in July 4th parades (Tour de Jerséy?) and save money. For all intents and purposes, The Cadets aren't going on tour until July 9th. Then they'll be in 15 shows before Indy, similar to the number of performances for all other WC corps.
  6. Number of scheduled performances before 7/9 -- interesting to see how they will be scored out of the gate. This leaves no room for error on design. Blue Devils 9 Blue Knights 8 Blue Stars 12 Bluecoats 11 Boston Crusaders 10 Carolina Crown 10 Colts 11 Crossmen 12 Genesis 8 Jersey Surf 5 Madison Scouts 11 Mandarins 11 Music City 10 Pacific Crest 5 Phantom Regiment 10 Santa Clara Vanguard 11 Seattle Cascades 5 Spirit of Atlanta 10 The Academy 12 The Cadets 4 The Cavaliers 10 Troopers 8
  7. 1 6/26 Fri Allentown, PA Drum Corps: An American Tradition - Allentown 2 6/27 Sat Lawrence, MA East Coast Classic 3 6/28 Sun Lynn, MA The Beanpot 4 6/30 Tue TBD, PA TBD Philadelphia 5 7/9 Thu Knoxville, TN Drums Across the Smokies 6 7/11 Sat Memphis, TN DCI Memphis 7 7/12 Sun St. Louis, MO DCI Midwestern Championship 8 7/13 Mon El Dorado, KS Drums Across Kansas 9 7/16 Thu Denton, TX DCI North Texas 10 7/18 Sat San Antonio, TX DCI San Antonio 11 7/20 Mon Lafayette, LA Drums Across Cajun Field 12 7/22 Wed Hattiesburg, MS DCI Hattiesburg 13 7/24 Fri Trussville, AL DCI Birmingham 14 7/25 Sat Atlanta, GA DCI Southeastern Championship 15 7/26 Sun Winston-Salem, NC NightBEAT 16 7/28 Tue Annapolis, MD Drum Corps: An American Tradition - Annapolis 17 7/29 Wed East Rutherford, NJ Drum Corps: An American Tradition - East Rutherford 18 7/31 Fri Allentown, PA DCI Eastern Classic 19 8/2 Sun Buffalo, NY Drums Along the Waterfront
  8. By my count, the least number of performances scheduled (pre-Indy) for any World Class Corps Blue Devils 22 Blue Knights 23 Blue Stars 27 Bluecoats 27 Boston Crusaders 25 Carolina Crown 25 Colts 26 Crossmen 26 Genesis 21 Jersey Surf 20 Madison Scouts 25 Mandarins 25 Music City 24 Pacific Crest 20 Phantom Regiment 27 Santa Clara Vanguard 23 Seattle Cascades 20 Spirit of Atlanta 25 The Academy 25 The Cadets 19 The Cavaliers 27 Troopers 21
  9. 2015 Blue Devils (Ink) -- At the time, I was unfamiliar with Into The Woods. Now having seen multiple productions, I have a much greater appreciation for this show and see why it bested Inferno.
  10. Yep. Par for the course. When YEA disbanded C2 last November, Doug Rutherford's announcement was all about "survival of the Cadets" with no acknowledgement given or appreciation shown to C2 members, staff and volunteers.
  11. If they were texting during the show, then they must not have AT&T or T-Mobile, because that stadium is a dead zone for anyone with those carriers :)
  12. http://dcacorps.org/dca-prelims-and-alumni-schedule/ ***PRELIMS TIME CHANGE *** DCA Prelims and Alumni Schedule 29 AUG 2019 DCA 2019 DCA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS STA STADIUM WILLIAMSPORT, PA PRELIMS, SATURDAY, AUGUST 31, 2019 10:00am Govenaires Class A 10:17am Southern Knights Open Class 10:34am Sunrisers Open Class 10:51am Cincinnati Tradition Open Class 11:08am Carolina Gold Class A 11:25am Skyliners Class A 11:42am Columbus Saints Class A INTERMISSION 12:44pm Hurricanes Open Class 1:01pm White Sabers Open Class 1:18pm Fusion Core Open Class 1:35pm Bushwackers Open Class 1:52pm Caballeros Open Class 2:09pm Atlanta CV Open Class 2:26pm Reading Buccaneers Open Class ALUMNI SPECTATULAR, SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 2019 10:00am Tri-Valley Brass 10:25am Reilly Raiders 10:50am Brigadiers Alumni 11:15am Mighty St. Joe’s Alumni 11:40am Freelancers Alumni 12:05pm Skyliners Alumni 12:30pm Crusaders Senior 12:55pm Hamburg Kingsmen 1:20pm Hawthorne Caballeros Alumni 1:45pm Special Exhibition by the Free Players