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  1. 2015 Blue Devils (Ink) -- At the time, I was unfamiliar with Into The Woods. Now having seen multiple productions, I have a much greater appreciation for this show and see why it bested Inferno.
  2. Yep. Par for the course. When YEA disbanded C2 last November, Doug Rutherford's announcement was all about "survival of the Cadets" with no acknowledgement given or appreciation shown to C2 members, staff and volunteers.
  3. If they were texting during the show, then they must not have AT&T or T-Mobile, because that stadium is a dead zone for anyone with those carriers :)
  4. http://dcacorps.org/dca-prelims-and-alumni-schedule/ ***PRELIMS TIME CHANGE *** DCA Prelims and Alumni Schedule 29 AUG 2019 DCA 2019 DCA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS STA STADIUM WILLIAMSPORT, PA PRELIMS, SATURDAY, AUGUST 31, 2019 10:00am Govenaires Class A 10:17am Southern Knights Open Class 10:34am Sunrisers Open Class 10:51am Cincinnati Tradition Open Class 11:08am Carolina Gold Class A 11:25am Skyliners Class A 11:42am Columbus Saints Class A INTERMISSION 12:44pm Hurricanes Open Class 1:01pm White Sabers Open Class 1:18pm Fusion Core Open Class 1:35pm Bushwackers Open Class 1:52pm Caballeros Open Class 2:09pm Atlanta CV Open Class 2:26pm Reading Buccaneers Open Class ALUMNI SPECTATULAR, SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 2019 10:00am Tri-Valley Brass 10:25am Reilly Raiders 10:50am Brigadiers Alumni 11:15am Mighty St. Joe’s Alumni 11:40am Freelancers Alumni 12:05pm Skyliners Alumni 12:30pm Crusaders Senior 12:55pm Hamburg Kingsmen 1:20pm Hawthorne Caballeros Alumni 1:45pm Special Exhibition by the Free Players
  5. So many shows to like! 1 - Force of Nature. While another corps named Vanguard has medaled every year since, I still miss this Vanguard. 2 - Rach Star -- still the best timed Crocker introduction and a standing ovation on the opening hit 3 - 12.25 - have always liked this show and without this show we never get the I KNOW YOU/HIM meme with Buddy the Elf 4 - The Power of 10 - liked this show but never understood the need for the switch to the black uniforms 5 - Beneath The Surface - ballad and Bucimis 6 - Scheherazade - best use of trombones that season 7 - Beast - just ok 8 - Les Miserables -- Cadets 1989 was better 9 - Men Are From Mars - meh 10 - A Second Chance - never saw this
  6. I couldn't decide between the two Cavaliers' shows, but a show with the "Meow Mix" jingle forces me to go with
  7. I took a look at October 5th as an example. USBands is hosting Yamaha Cup at MetLife, while BOA has a show at the University of Maryland. I count nine NJ Open class bands choosing the BOA show instead of the Yamaha Cup. Some NJ Open Class bands also seem to be forgoing USBands Nationals in November.
  8. Here’s Cadets2 from last season
  9. Maybe they’re headed for the washroom? posted from the DrumScorps app
  10. I just wanted to share that the number of times my FloMarching feed has dropped tonight has now reached double digits.