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  1. I’m not arguing about numbers, I’m stating them.
  2. https://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/coronavirus-deaths-united-states-each-day-2020-n1177936 40,000 Americans are not dying from this each month.
  3. After /911, we said people would never fly again. Now we take our shoes off and go through a scanner and get on airplanes by the millions. The human race is very resilient, we adapt like no other species. We will adapt and move forward. And the news media will go back to their normal jobs of having to sell ads without a panic attack. My parents lived through the polio pandemic, we had a president who is in a wheelchair paralyzed because of it. Parents would not let their kids swim in public swimming pools, or drink out of water fountains. And this was when there was a realistic chance of getting polio, and being paralyzed for life or dying within months.This was decades before the advancements we have in medical science today. We got a vaccine, everyone took it and still takes it today, and no one even thinks about polio anymore.
  4. I think we are about to see a return to normal.
  5. People die from all sorts of things, including one of the many strains of influenza that spread all over the world every spring. We could manufacture vaccines for all of the flu viruses every year, and all mutations, but the cost would be in the trillions and therefore doing so would be financially infeasible. We accept that people will get sick and some will die. That is life. Always has been and always will be. The fact is the vast majority, over 98%, of people who contract Covid 19 recover fine and most don’t even know they contracted it. The unique aspect of this virus is it is three times more contagious than the flu and it takes three times longer to recover: 3 weeks vs 1. This is likely due to the fact that the human race has no immunity to this particular strain. So if you have diabetes, heart disease and/or are obese, it is far more likely you will develop double pneumonia—which is what almost all fatalities result from.
  6. The I believe five main American vaccine paths that have both a lab and a manufacturer have agreements with the FDA to produce their drug “at risk,” meaning they will manufacture at full capacity before it is approved, as if it works so that — if it does work — they will immediately have millions of doses ready for use. What I have seen of the results of the Phase 2 trials seem to indicate that all of them are likely to produce antibodies. One a drug goes to Phase 3, the FDA is looking to determine minimal dosing based on age, gender and other health factors. 30,000 is a big population test. Moderna would be the first RNA based vaccine ever used in human history, so everyone is both cautious and excited that it appears to work—it’s cheaper and faster than DNA vaccines. RNA vaccines do not require creating a fake virus with eggs, so instead of six months to over a year in production you could have a population distribution in as little as three months. A successful RNA vaccine would truly change the course of medicine. https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-06-12/coronavirus-vaccine-protocols-explained
  7. Iran has already announced they would agree to buy and use a vaccine created by Israel. Strange times. Too many people who know nothing about clinical trials are telling people utter bunk scraped from social media and the scare doctors of cable news. There are over 100 drugs in clinical trials right now in America alone. At least four vaccines, each with a different approach, will almost certainly be approved by the FDA By the end of 2020. China has said they are already using at least one vaccine in the wild. They had a head start due to the fact that the virus started in their country, probably last November. Just with the phase three participant requirements alone, over 100,000 Americans will be effectively vaccinated and immune by Thanksgiving.
  8. Also, there will be many drugs on the market that will effectively treat the symptoms of the virus, which will make it survivable by anyone who isn’t already in very poor health and would likely die if they got the common flu.
  9. You don’t need 100% participation for a vaccine to be effective. Generally 30% is considered effective enough to all but stop community spread.
  10. Almost all are in Phase 3 trials. I work in that industry, I would know. Moderna is testing on 30,000 participants beginning this week. So is Astrazenica. China and Israel are both likely to release a vaccine by November at the latest.
  11. Jersey Turf In a bold and innovative marketing move, the corps changed its name to Jersey Turf for the second half of the season, to coincide with their Surf & Turf show concept that was sponsored by Red Lobster. Their commemorative Surf & Turf dribble bib with disposable wipes were a surprise disappointment at the merch table.
  12. Shouts Again, lasted but one show. Corps members surprised onlookers when they dropped their instruments and began to randomly shout obscenities at the judges and fans. Oddly, Shouts registered a record high opening show GE score, but a perfect 0.0 in all other captions.
  13. Carolina Clown Only played one show: they violated corps participation rules when, as their opener, they featured over 1000 members coming out of car.
  14. The mello sustain alone might be enough to get me through a decade of isolation.
  15. One rule we should enforce: if you have to name the corps and/or the year, it shouldn’t count: That One Second Session 44 As Dreams are Made On
  16. Sure, I get it. I’m against woodwinds, btw.
  17. It’s an interesting compromise of sorts. I could see how that idea would work to some degree.
  18. Okay but if 55 isn’t the line, what is? You have to draw a line somewhere. 55 is a single full bus. If you can’t fill one bus, can you honestly make it on a tour? Seems like the more important question is, did someone make a mistake by approving them to move up from Soundsport? It looks like they missed some pretty important factors in their evaluation.
  19. I loved Band. I still love band. Drum Corps is not band. If or when it becomes band, I’m most definitely out. I have zero interest in a marching band circuit.
  20. I get it, but if I were the head of marketing for Mulan 2, how awesome would it be to have a World Class corps play a show that promotes the movie all summer long? Imagine Mandarins doing this show. Or Phantom. Or even SCV.
  21. 1. You know you’re a hopeless drum corps fan when you watch the trailer for a movie and all you can think about is how awesome it would be if Santa Clara Vanguard played the theme song in their 2020 show... Mulan 2 trailer 2. I have recently wondered if it might be both marketing genius and a financial windfall if a corps did a show about new movie or play that was either upcoming or just recently released. Phantom doing Mulan 2 would be infinitely better than the tired rehash stuff they’ve done of late.
  22. I guess I counted 840 since I live a mile from it. Technically I am right, I suppose, as it is a (significant) interstate in Tennessee and connects 40, 65 and 24.
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