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  1. BD is not losing the Gold. A half point spread over these three shows tells you that the judges simply see them as better. All of the other top three shows will receive final score akin to many if not most Gold medal shows of the past two decades. BD is just a half point better than the rest of DCI right now.
  2. Didn’t seem tentative to me. But when Bloo stops thinking and just performs to the crowd, look out. I don’t see any way they don’t medal, which sucks for either Crown or Boston.
  3. With SCV out of the running it may be that Mandarins is the right corps at the right time stylistically.
  4. I like the way they frame the art at the end with four tarps. And I never like marching on tarps. But the run to the front and move around as you play fff is really old now.
  5. It’s become their brand, and I dig it. Their guard is so physical. Their arrangements are so in your face. It’s really cool.
  6. I get that, I do. I like them, but they are really flat by design.
  7. Yeah Mandarins is all about performing on the very edge of being out of control. That will get you a lot of attention but in DCI the brass judges aren’t swayed by that. The corps ahead of Mandarins now are all mastering brass range, control and tonality.
  8. Well they don’t really serve any role in the show until the end. That’s not so much a criticism, it’s just fact. Usually BDs props are used by the corps for staging and such.
  9. After seeing the recaps, I think Cadets are fairly safe at 5. Don’t see Mandarins catching them, they are behind in virtually every musical subcaption.
  10. I’ll be very surprised if true. I think the top four will be VERY close.
  11. That’s my too four as well. And I have Mandarins five. I don’t have any feeling at all for the BD show, it seems like the same basic approach every year. There is NO denying their talent or execution. But for the first time in a very long time I would not say they have the most demanding book. The top four are very different, but all very high demand.
  12. That classic shrinking while rotating rectangle is absolutely insane.
  13. Basically the entire middle third of the Bloo program is exposed brass attacks. With crazy weird timing. Just crazy that they are all kids out there.
  14. Bloo knows how to perform a show at every level. When they feel it it’s magical.
  15. This may be the best fourth place show in a decade. Praying for a tie.
  16. It really doesn’t matter how many times I watch this corps go into the crown set. I get tears in my eyes every single time. There is NOTHING like it.
  17. Crown plays concert level brass runs from end to end. It’s insane how unified and consistent their volume and tonality is.
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