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  1. Complaining has been the life blood of drum corps since it’s incarnation.
  2. Is it really true that Vanguard has replaced its brass staff with much of Crown?!
  3. Why in the world would Vanguard change brass staff?! Must have been major ego and personality clashes. What happens to Crown yet again?
  4. Thank you so much for sharing this. Very proud of what they accomplished. Wow.
  5. Placements change so little that you can hardly even call it change. I would be willing to bet my house and all It’s contents that no corps outside the 2019 top six will medal in 2020. I might even say top five. Bottom line is, at the end of the day, both the corps and DCI need each other—but DCI needs the corps more than the opposite. And if you removed the top six from the 2020 tour, attendance would plummet and likely never return no matter how good the “competition” was.
  6. It sounds great but hardly ever works. Better to move on.
  7. Recency bias plays a role here. Still think Angels and Demons is the consummate drum corps show of the decade. But DSU is so different and so important to the trends of the activity that it has to get the vote.
  8. Do you guys think that members will transfer from Santa Clara to Phantom? I’m gonna be very curious to see that. Transferring is what made Boston so good so quickly, not just the instructional talent. I have a hard time believing that a lot of kids will not stay with Vanguard.
  9. Major league baseball is a franchise, which has rules that are enforceable to ensure a level playing field for all members. It’s not the same as drum Corps, where the organization is a trade organization entirely funded at the will I of the members. The rules of DCI are such that there will be almost no change in the relative placements of the members from year to year. Competitiveness is obviously important, but it is very much a product of the rules or lack there of that member organizations have agreed to. In other words, the top six or almost certain to be the top six for the next 2 to 3 years. It’s all a self-fulfilling prophecy. Competition is obviously at the heart of the tour itself. Without that, it would not be as compelling. That said, the competition would exist whether there are seven or 17 or 37 members. Ticket draw would correspond to the quality of what is put on the field, not just that there is a competition. More people will come to a major league baseball game then a AAA game, AA game, single-A, or rookie league. It’s the same rules of competition, but the quality of the product is entirely different. If you doubt that the quality of the product itself matters, then you are old enough to remember when the NFL tried to play games with replacement players. That didn’t last very long.
  10. Odds that 2020 Phantom has a long-### mello sustain?
  11. 1. Down side up changed Bluecoats and the activity in so many ways. Felliniesque and Ink are astounding productions with imo the best books BD has done this decade. Babylon is a crazy amazing show.
  12. I believe she was contracted as a mello. Only after camp began did they approach her about taking on the lead singing role.
  13. Why in the world would SCV change their brass staff?
  14. I just loved the concept of Session 44, partially because the first time I saw the show I thought it was a miss. So much subtlety and nuance in the performances. And after the unending criticism of Crown’s vocal design concept I thought it took real guts to go out and do a show with so much live singing.
  15. Agree. But I also think there is a sameness to most of these shows from a design and props standpoint. Not saying that’s bad, it is what it is.
  16. In retrospect Tilt is a show that changed the way we see the activity. No one predicted Bluecoats to win the Silver and it set the stage for the big changes to come with DSU. When I want people to understand the coolness of this activity, I play them Tilt and DSU.
  17. In honor of the Bluecoats it must be a Five Star Chili dog.
  18. Since BD is one of the main draws to DCI shows, I would not anticipate that DCI would ever consider a redshirt year for a gold medalist.
  19. Honestly I think we are seeing two sides of the same DCI coin in BD and Bluecoats. One emphasizes freedom of performance within the show concept, the other emphasizes technical execution. It’s not that one is technically great while the other isn’t, but Bluecoats for example tell the kids to flash peace signs in their own way in certain places; I doubt you would ever see BD do that. Still, in DCI, certain judges will value technical execution over GE. This reality plays to the inherent and entrenched advantages that BD has as an organization: super established design team, they can pick and choose the most technically capable members, they can clean their shows to maximum technical execution down the stretch. While I am sure Bluecoats would rather win gold than silver, the crazy lines at the merch tables validate their approach.
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