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  1. Mandarins has the look and feel of a medalist corps. There are no weaknesses, none. They are b@lls to the wall from start to finish. Reminds me very much of when Bluecoats went from a nice story to a threat. I could watch that show ten times and never regret it. WOW.
  2. Dang Mandarins plays with such confidence. And I absolutely love the costuming of this show, reminds me a whole lot of Angels and Demons. Guard is SO physical. This is a smoking show.
  3. There are no apologies for that brass book. It’s flat out in your face end to end.
  4. I don’t know that you can do signs well, honestly. It always feels sloppy.
  5. Can we just have a rule that for next year there are no show themes about breaking free from the pack?
  6. Some obvious intonation issues with Crossmen, but they can march.
  7. Never said this before, but Crossmen’s show could use a little more narration. Not sure I understand what the show is about…
  8. Dude I’m not dissing Boston. I am well aware of the journey they have been on, believe me. I was one of the most outraged dci fans on dcp when the G7 happened. It was appalling. I’m a BAC fan.
  9. They are making big strides every year. How many of their kids are from area schools?
  10. None of this happens without the support of the alums and BOD, who funded the change and provided a space where Boston could create their own new brand and traditions.
  11. Top four are getting better, imo. 7-12 seem to be staying at the same level.
  12. I still think Bump goes on too long, it’s a bit of a one trick pony imo. They have worked really hard to expand the concept but it still seems a bit of a gimmick. And I am as big a Bloo fan on the planet.
  13. Boston did it by hiring away known teaching brand names, which made it possible to them to immediately pull in their best MMS from their previous corps. The other road is a lot harder, takes a lot longer. Bluecoats seem to have done it the old fashioned way. Blue Stars and Knights don’t seem to have found the right equation yet.
  14. I saw the movie Oppenheimer this past weekend…there are some sweet mellow lines in that score that would make for a great DCI show.
  15. I just thought both of those corps were ready to go to the next level. The circumstances around both are very different, but also happy for Phantom, Cadets and Mandarins. All three have made significant strides up in that time frame.
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