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  1. My goodness. What if a corps literally remade that famous Star of Indiana show but with new arrangements? Do a cross to cross? Imagine crown doing crown to crown! I don’t know that I have ever seen anything like that.
  2. I think a huge issue for the viable future of dci is whether it is sustainable to empower a system that basically makes it almost automatic that any one corps is going to at least medal every single year. There is no doubt that this is bad for the activity. Of course if you are a fan of that corps that’s not a bug, it’s a feature...
  3. Eh. I loved the Bluecoats show and feel they deserved to win. But I also know that Blue Devils know how to win on the sheets and they design shows to do exactly that. How judges feel and how I feel are often different and that’s the nature of dci.
  4. I think this would be a great service to provide to all corps and would seem to also be a great perq for parents who worry about their kids eating well.
  5. Fwiw I wouldn’t see a dci food truck concept to necessarily be all consuming. Corps could supplement as they see fit and also for one off events like parades maybe the corps could rent a truck.
  6. Why wouldn’t DCI have their own food trucks and let sponsors pay for them? It seems like a natural to me, but of course I know the logistics of doing this for a tour as diverse and expensive as this one is pretty challenging for anyone.
  7. The food truck idea is not a bad idea. There are risks for the vendors but also rewards. If some money was put in escrow to fund it, it could work. I mean just look at the costs that every corps has to carry to feed its members—it’s incredible, really.
  8. I wonder if that was the deal, that you can’t crash someone else’s show.
  9. Hm. And the other three were unmanned? That seems...odd. Law of unintended consequences.
  10. Corps, like bands, get paid for the merch that is sold. You make less but you don’t have to manage the overhead or manufacturing.
  11. DCI has literally no market presence or power that isn’t lended to them by its most popular corps. Remove the top seven corps and ticket sales go to zero, sponsorships go to zero, endorsements go to zero, Flo disappears.
  12. I have a sense of what I think about props in general. But I think the reality is, corps that can afford massive props are also corps that can afford all the other things that make you competitively successful. It’s not just props. If BD did a show with no props, I would still put money on them at least medaling.
  13. Fans are fans. Regardless of the subject. I used to run a Rivals.com site and I can assure you there is little difference because there is no difference between people in general.
  14. Whether you want to admit it or not, 90% of the tickets sold on tour are to see the top seven corps. Historically it is undeniable that the top seven hardly ever changes due to the designed nature of DCI. So while I personally might pay to see Open class tour, or shows with no top seven corps, 90% of America won’t. If you refuse to believe this that is your choice. But you are dreaming. Let me put this another way. If DCI World class was seven corps, only seven—the top seven from 2019–attendance would be 90% what 2019 was.
  15. DCI indeed may not need to exist without competition. That said, please do us a favor and simply understand that DCI competition is designed and dictated by the member corps! DCI isnt an independent organization that bears some standard over its members. It’s designed to appear to be a level playing field that is in NO WAY such.
  16. As I have said many many times, the very basis of DCI competition is a self fulfilling prophecy. There are good reasons why, right now, we can all pretty much predict the top six for that next three years. DCI is the direct product of the desires of the most historically successful corps. There is absolutely no desire or impetus to make this a level playing field.
  17. Tell you what. We can both bet in which six corps will be ahead right now. My bet: BD Coats Crown SCV Cavaliers Boston
  18. Their rankings are a product of their popularity; not the other way around.
  19. The NFL is a franchise organization. DCI is nothing more than a NFP trade organization that is fully and wholly funded by the member corps. By saying DCI makes its members Stars, you are saying it’s members make its members Stars. DCI has precisely no power, authority or financial means that isn’t specifically given it by its member corps. And news flash: all corps are not equal in their power...
  20. Ask literally any DCI promoter to pick their dream lineup to sell tickets. I will guarantee you it starts with the corps that won the previous title and goes down to #7. That’s it. The only exception would be a Music City performing in Murfreesboro.
  21. They are paying for both. But 90% a concert. The other 10% are nerds like us.
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