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  1. Anyone going to the show from Michigan? I have two tickets and I am unable to attend tonight.
  2. 2 Tickets Section 112 Row 21 Seats 1 and 2 on the aisle Best seats in the section. Paid $80 for them. Asking $60 for both
  3. Thanks, I didn’t think they were going to post it to their Facebook
  4. I guess I’ll have to go watch crown then. Thanks
  5. Is rehearsal tonight closed to the public?
  6. Does anyone know when ensemble is tonight? I live close by and I would love to go watch.
  7. Where can I watch their show at? I've been looking for it everywhere but I can't find it.
  8. Will anyone be periscoping the troopers show? I'm really curious to see their show this year.
  9. http://youtu.be/yd9nRp_yBHM Watch this video of the blue devils during finals week. I think they deserved the gold this year even though I wanted crown to win
  10. Crown will be hungry next year, I'm excited for that
  11. As much as I want crown to win I feel like the blue devils are going to pass them today
  12. After watching crossmen's show in the theaters last night I think that they deserve a spot in the top 12. Does anyone think that the blue stars or Boston could find themselves outside the top 12 or are they basically a lock? I really like the colt's and trooper's shows this year. It must be tough to be a judge.