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  1. With commercial space travel becoming more prevalent in modern society thanks to companies like SpaceX, "This Flat Earth" tells the story of the first Civilian space mission to the Moon and back. While testing the limits of modern technology is the main purpose of their mission, what these brave Men and Women discover has humanity shaken to its core: The Earth is Flat. REPERTOIRE "This Bitter Earth" by Clyde Otis is the musical glue that holds the show together from Lift-Off till Landing. As our Voyagers embark on the first mission of kind, this piece harkens back to the 1960's - the era of the first Space Race between the United States and the USSR. John Mackey's hauntingly beautiful "This Cruel Moon" explores the emotional tension of experiencing existence on the moon, while simultaneously uncovering the truth behind The Government's longest kept secret and conspiracy. No stranger to the Drum Corps field (See: Crossmen 2012), Michael Jackson's iconic "Earth Song" represents a call for truth. As transmitted images of The Earth make their way across social media, mass protests and riots ensue worldwide. Finally, Dvořák’s classic "New World Symphony" depicts life back on our now seemingly unfamiliar home planet. This chapter will take humanity, quite literally, to the Edge of the Earth.
  2. Announcing their 2018 Program, The Couchmen Drum and Bugle Corps is proud to present: "This Flat Earth"
  3. Given the fact that we haven't had a single design meeting in 6 years, you might want to check your sources
  4. For that special someone (and for your enjoyment) we've created some one of a kind Drum Corps Valentine Cards <3
  5. Love the concept, and can't wait to see the new look
  6. We may, or may not, be releasing details about our 2018 program in the very near future. Its amazing thats its come to this. Couchmen revealing their show before 90% of all drum corps. We suspect our procrastination habits have rubbed off on them
  7. Zach here - in typical Couchmen fashion I'm too lazy to make another account. But you can find most of my photos on the "Music And Marching" Facebook page and instagram account. Also check out "DCI Cam Fam" on Instagram, as a lot of the individual corps photographers post their work there!
  8. It appears Pokemon, not woodwinds, will be the death of this activity.
  9. Yes, we are planning on adding bagpipes to the pile of clarinets, oboes, and bassoons that are currently burning out back
  10. Here it is folks. The moment you've all been waiting for with baited breath this offseason