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    From what I've seen SCV 1989 (but I haven't seen a lot yet!)
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    2014 because it was the first I witnessed!
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  1. unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to keep up with DCI this year, but I'd love to see the return of this thread again!!:)
  2. This is probably a long shot, but just realized I can't go through the summer without seeing SCV live again. If anyone in so cal/ Los Angeles area driving to AZ for the show tomorrow night and can take a fan who can pitch in for gas/drive/stay quiet (or not) pleeeeease message me. Thanks for taking time to look at this!:)
  3. Pleeasee keep this thread going . It makes me happy lol
  4. Thank you! I'm new recently converted this year to watching drum corps and I'm also in love with it. It has also helped me with my anxiety. Watching a drum corps video is the one thing that can help me quickly calm down if I'm panicking. Nothing ever has helped me in that way, that's why I'm grateful to everyone that participates and and supports drum corps. Thank you all! :)
  5. No one else wants to keep this thread going? Or does everyone go to drum corps memes on Facebook now? I'm not very funny but I do enjoy a laugh!
  6. I would like friends who are interested in DCI

  7. Hi! I am new to DCP and very new (recently converted in June 2014) to DCI exposure. I am based out of Los Angeles, CA and my favorite corps so far is the Santa Clara Vanguard. I do enjoy the Blue Devils as well, yet I am so attracted to the classiness and musicality of movement I feel and see from SCV. I am in no way at all a marching expert as I have never ever marched. But I do play the piano and played violin throughout grade and high school. I am recently obsessed with watching DCI videos on youtube from the past and I wonder if this is a recognized or common condition, as it takes up