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  1. Thank you! I know someone who made a post for me in one of the pages. Thanks!!
  2. Hello. I am having difficulty coordinating a ride to Vanguard Cadet auditions in San Jose (December 19 - 21). If there is anyone from the southern california area (or if you know anyone from the area) that is auditioning for SCVC, it would be awesome to find someone to carpool with. Thanks!
  3. Hoping to see some great things! Is Impulse planning on having a tour that includes finals this year?
  4. Thank you! What keys should I be able to play in fluently? For example, would I be expected to be able to play in Db major?
  5. Watching Crown's 2014 show again, I noticed an interesting change in the show from the early season to finals. During the hit for Major Tom during the ballad, at the decrescendo at the end, there was a mellophone run that ran quite smoothly into the ending of the piece. However, listening to late season (anything after San Antonio), they changed the mellophone run to repeat a phrase and go on from there and from an arrangement point of view it seems to take away from the musical performance. Can anyone offer any insight regarding this change? It seemed to worsen the show rather than improve it, but that's just my two cents.
  6. I have indeed. I know it's still a bit far off but I am eagerly checking for new info! I am really looking forward to auditioning!
  7. I will be sure to work on that. Thanks!Should I have a goal speed in mind? Right note partials at 120 bpm?
  8. Thank you! And one more thing. When you say flexibility, do you mean that musically or physically?
  9. Once the scv a corps packet is released, would it be helpful to get that and work on stuff in it?
  10. Thanks for the tips! Unfortunately, the 2015 audition packet is now out yet. Do you know if the SCV brass techniques book changes from year to year? They have a 2013 book and a 2014 book on their site. Should I wait for a 2015 release?
  11. By large I agree with this. The judging system has changed a lot, and as much as I'd love to hear a whole 12 minutes dedicated to Phantom of the Opera, I would only really enjoy it the way they did in in 88 or 89: raw, powerful, and loud. If they revived that show it would have to be really changed to fit today's system. That being said, I'm not sure if it would be the smartest move to do so, but I'd love to see Phantom do a POTO show.
  12. The Phantom Regiment style helmets are really cool, but my favorites have got to be the aussies with feathers. However, I feel like the aussies are underutilized as a visual element, especially with the brim.
  13. Does anyone know how many people auditioned for a bari/euph spot last year, and how many made the cut?
  14. Hello there, I am a new member on the forum. I hope I am posting this in the right area. Hopefully a forum moderator can help me if I am posting this in the incorrect part of the forum. I am 17, and from Southern California. I have been playing sax for 8 years and just picked up baritone at the start of this summer. I really, really want to make Vanguard Cadets for the 2015 season and was looking for some tips and help to achieve my goal. First of all, is it a reasonable goal to audition for Vanguard Cadets with only a few months' experience on the horn? Also, I am aware that I am posting this a few months earlier than most would start considering auditions, but I really want to maximize my chance of making the corps. What can I do to help make it at auditions? Would it be possible to find a carpool to get to auditions in San Jose? Thanks in advance for the help!