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  1. But the quotes didn’t even say that. They all seemed to be right after performance (before scores) saying who they thought pulled it off. After, I saw nothing but congrats for BAC. What did you see?
  2. Yeah, let’s not announce scores and have a blind draw for performance order. 🤮
  3. Why is it a “huge advantage?” They can still place above or below the corps before them. It would be a huge DISADVANTAGE if the best they could do was a tie at the top of the caption.
  4. And? BD had two GE judges put them on top the night before. I thought the math had this panel overwhelmingly in favor of the boys in Canton?
  5. You mean like in 2008 where percussion scores gave PR the title? what a load of hogwash. It looks like he calls it like he sees it.
  6. For everyone who says a tie is nearly impossible any more, look at what happens if Gray had scored GE1 the same as Wemhoff tonight. Not THAT would have been interesting.
  7. This is where it gets scary for the Bluecoats. If GE scores tighten at all, they could slip to second, even if everything else stays where it is. The spread is just that close. If the Blue Devils win over just one GE judge (perhaps with a visual emphasis), it could be enough. i honestly think the winner of semis wins it all. Going on last at finals is a big advantage and allows you to max out in your best captions. Only .1 apart tonight, this could still go either way. What an exciting finish!!!
  8. I think BC amd BD split GE at finals (visual vs music). It is going to come down to the other captions (visual and music) to decide the winner. Since captions are averaged, the caption winners, still may not tell us who wins until they announce #2. My money is on BD, but it looks like it could go either way.
  9. Note that SCV has the same number of shows as BD. BC has four shows more. I didn’t look at any others.
  10. No problem...as soon as they create as many early season shows in the West as they have elsewhere. Keep in mind during the first two weeks of the season, the West has shows only on the weekend available to them.
  11. Maybe, though going back about 30 years, there was another corps with a tag ending that had the entire crowd clapping along as they played and exited the field. They won every show that year and took third at finals.
  12. Really? Because BD beat BC in visual by .4? They beat them by .3 earlier this week. Maybe the Blue Devils are just better in visual...
  13. Huh? Maybe I missed an earlier post, but the one you quoted was something about how great both shows were and they didn’t care who won. now, if you want to see some real nastiness, go to the DCI page post on this show. There is a lot of butthurt going on there.
  14. His name is “blooscvfan” and he has one post total. Did you really expect more than someone trolling?