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    No Title

    Major point you have avoided is that the birth rate in the US continues to plummet, abortions are now at 60 million, and even "senior" corps in DCA are having problems getting members since going "All"-Age. This sounds like a thread for Fantasy DCP.
  2. H'em: one can't be a part-time or selective time Cavie fan. Nope, one has to be in for the whole deal. Winter camps too. Rosemont awaits you for the full experience! https://www.wtnh.com/news/national/chicago-hit-with-snow-braces-for-frigid-weather/1732434120😲
  3. The more things change, the more they stay the same. (French proverb) What goes around, comes around. (American proverb) Commercial sponsorship flags carried by the guard were in the activity in the '50's, '60's, '70's but not carried in Legion or VFW contests who allowed only veteran logos; an exception was made for the Vatican flag some CYO corps carried, but it had to be handled as the flag of a foreign government. MAA circuit under Joe Catapano and John Rowan tried to adhere to Am. Legion rules so that they could be recognized as Am. Leg. judges ocean to ocean. It was not uncommon for corps in the Greater New York area to use sponsor flags as parade and practice flags, most often from the local gas station chains some who even donated them. Babylon Islanders were sponsored by the local 7-UP bottling company, wore green with orange, and had 7-Up flags (white with green/orange logo.) NJ had the senior Ballentine Brewers; Midwest had Hamm (Brewery) Indians from St. Paul, MN.; each of these corps marched with the beer label logos on bass drum heads and flags. Check the "rugs" (silks) of the very first DCI champion, the Anaheim Kingsmen who marched various sponsor flags on the field as part of their legendary Whitewater win routine, not just in the honor guard. As the Good Book says, there is little new under the sun.
  4. all low brass guys?
  5. Clarke Williams was the instructor when Valley Grenadiers from Hillsdale, NJ still represented Hillsdale FD; his judging history began soon after. Mary Denniston taught Sayreville Colleens, Judy Tomko and Dee Kobus (and one other I can picture but can't name...all out of original Little Falls/Garfield Cadets Female guard) taught Scarlet Knights. Interesting how that one winter circuit gave rise to so many who went on to coast to coast judging. I would have said National Judging, but that was the Greater Philly winter group.
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    Yet Another Overly Proud Dad Alert!

    Is it mere coincidence or are each of the 4 2019 DMs trombonists...or at least low brass?
  7. xandandl

    2019 Tour Schedule!

    As one reels from the switchback of the Hamilton show (Ohio) from Mason to being actually in Hamilton and the more shocking absence of junior drum corps from the Bristol, R.I. Fourth of July celebrations, today's Providence Journal posts an unusual photo of drum corps in Bristol and cites (without source) the beginning of US drum corps as 1913. Interesting speculation as one strategizes whether TSA will be back to work by the time one wants to zip into various drum corps contests...or must one drive? See the second photo and caption in this gallery. https://www.providencejournal.com/photogallery/PJ/20190125/NEWS/124009998/PH/1
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    Best wishes to both. They have grown MC well. Not being physically at one's best is cumbersome, especially in winter. From one who knows.
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    The Cadets 2019

    Hmm?!? This sounds like 1986 given the size of that hornline, the 3 previously announced DMs, and leaving 30 for percussion. Yup, about right. :p Unless they are going to re-do the ending of the Door where guardsters costumed as on field judges...now today's version while the real judges can't on-field, he, he.
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    Cadets 1984

    Gregg Cesario, brother of Michael (both of whom were on Cadets staff that year) did the choreography design and equipment work design (flag work, etc.) for Garfield Cadets Color Guard for 1984.
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    TOC - Chester 2019

    Mere coincidence???
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    TOC - Chester 2019

    run on sentence. This as bad as a GH finale. 20 point penalty since it is a new year, new season, new resolutions and you claim teaching credentials. This must be addressed at the Janual.
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    Drum Corps Passwords

    What's the difference between a password caption manager a password caption supervisor a password caption coordinator a password caption leader a password caption head a password caption director a password caption educational consultant, etc., et alia ad nauseum ad infinitum.
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    The Cadets 2019

    Yes, I omitted their names as both Dee Kobus and Judy Tomko, to use their maiden names, would certainly want the focus to be on Dave as I know these fine ladies. Here's what the corps cited when Dave was named to the Cadets' Hall of Fame. He was also involved with The Troopers, and with many drum corps publications pre & during DCI years. "Often referred to as the “Statesman for the Cadets” as he helps to spread goodwill and support for the corps, Dave Shaw was selected as a Hall of Fame honoree during the recent six weeks of voting by the Alumni Block. Dave joined the Holy Name Cadets in 1950 as a baritone horn player, eventually becoming Sergeant and a valued leader to all Cadets. He marched as a member of the Cadet Corps when the Holy Name Cadets won American Legion Junior National Championships in 1953 and 1957. Soon after Dave aged out, he continued to support the corps on the administrative side and in more recent years his work for the Holy Name alumni group has brought together generations of Cadets. He has also authored several writings, including co-authoring the 75th Anniversary History Book released in 2009. “Dave has been the catalyst for the current success of the alumni, helping the current corps with support in many ways. He is almost single-handedly the driving force behind the alumni resurgence. He encourages social gatherings among alumni and serves as the liaison with the current corps through e-mail updates, which allows us, as alumni, to participate and to have a real sense of what it means to be a Cadet today.” - Hugh Mahon"
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    The Cadets 2019

    Onceuponatime with original female guard members
  16. I'm making an exception of my absence and withdrawal by posting these, but the situation warrants it. And yes, I'm feeling ok but new round of cancer treatments begin next week. At least one member of current BoD, perhaps two, is the parent of C2 alumni; the decision was not made lightly and has NOTHING to do with Alumni corps which is only a speculative possibility at this point with no performance appearances announced. It is more the influence that "Giving Tuesday" was not that giving. Monies aren't there for C2 budget, a Hopkins product. Other DCA corps are local for those who wish to march weekends only. I am surprised this article from yesterday's Allentown paper was not previously cited in the thread. Mr. Rutherford gives further comments. I won't, other than to cite that BD, SCV, and other major corps have cut back on their programs; BAC now has most expensive costs to mms. Times are $$$ tough for all corps.
  17. https://pioneer-corps.org/news-from-the-top/835-news-from-the-top-september-24th.html
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    Caption Awards

    I doubt you do. I am not replying further and take my leave.
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    Caption Awards

    Some people over dramatize Finals as the end all. What you infer is not what I said at all.
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    Caption Awards

    I was at the show in LaCrosse, Wis. when this happened. I sincerely doubt whether you were any where near it. If you viewed the show only via computer, you may not have realized the weather conditions which caused mist that rose during Crown's performance which effected their intonation tremendously...in some parts of the field a fog even developed. That caused fazing. That same show a wonderful rainbow appeared behind the bluffs over looking the stadium which elated the crowd and Blue Stars but further dampened the feelings of the other corps' mms who shook their head at the changing weather conditions under which each corps performed. As I had sponsored mms both in Cadets and Crown that season and had the chance to visit with them and their sections, my perspective is from first hand experience and reaction. Beth Fabrizio scored them as she experienced them on the field that night.
  21. xandandl

    Caption Awards

    I am sorry you are having a bad day which may have prompted your over-reaction. My statement throughout is that the Finals night performance is not always the best performance. Ask any of the lower 6 at Finals and why so often their scores decrease from their prelim and semi performance. Having sat in the DCI & WGI "judging box" for championships from the start and occasionally over the years, I do know there have been many issues with judges favoring one corps/guard styles more than others, which is why certain judges (most frequently visual and guard) are lamented and disdained on these forums. Name calling here isn't appropriate; that's for the post-season judges' meetings, the weekly judging teleconference, and the (much needed) rotation of judging administrators and caption head. I didn't raise any objections about the Founders Trophy being awarded based on a 3 night average. That's your straw man objection. Certainly there are several DCI corps whose history would have favored that if we review the placements and scores. Star of Indiana '92 is one who comes to mind. No system is infallible. I hope you have a better day.
  22. like almost 40 plus years for the rest of DCI, exempting Cavies and MadScouts.. But it's new for Casper whose pr agent liked to tout all Wyoming's firsts. What's that saying about "the first shall be last" ??? and the last shall be first.
  23. xandandl

    Caption Awards

    the highlighted part is exactly the point of difference between the wise like your and mine opinion on this and then the others who disagree that it is a better barometer. Neither side has convinced the other; or at least those favoring the one night stand have not convinced me of the benefits other than that their favorite corps/guard they say is primed to peak at Finals (which doesn't always happen.) Do you remember how Beth Fabrizio, the horn judge, was castigated mercilessly here on DCP because she scored Cadets' hornline on a given night over a usual and expected favorite? It wasn't bias but an outlier opinion on the performances of that given night. Funny how the one night standers don't review their own posts on such scoring.
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    Caption Awards

    no matter what arrangement is used to achieve caption award status, it's still just a judge's opinion...not an infallible, repeatable fact but a perspective whether rendered by one person or more. In my perspective from over fifty years in the activity, FINALS NIGHT has all the glitz and glamour but not always the best performance(s) of the week. Semis, even prelims, should not be discounted. jmho.