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  1. 3/19 HAPPY BIRTHDAY Michael Patrick Terry (33). Blessings and a great year for my friend. May you continue to stand tall.😎
  2. xandandl

    Prayers up for this Cavaliers family...

    prayers. I lost a high school classmate when we were sophomores from the same type of accident. There are no words.
  3. https://yea.org/news/2150-celebrate-the-cadets-85th-anniversary-at-metlife-stadium-july-2 Yes, the DCI schedule & site still says Clifton High but it seems this is just being made public. Will Crown want back in after their Midwestern mini-tour and few days break? Is this why Cranston High/Bristol show was really bumped besides the ride to Carolina? just wondering out loud.
  4. No less than a series of talks at Harvard Business School, reports by the US Dept. of Education, speculative research by Moody's Investors and Forbes, and discussions in the Journal of Higher Education and Inside Higher Education during the past two years project that half of American colleges/universities will be bankrupt in the next decade with a third of them closing outright. Investment guru Ric Edelman spent a significant portion of his recent weekly talk on CBS noting the number of colleges now advertising for merging institutional partners and lamenting the reality that online learning, the ever plummeting US birthrate, and the higher costs of insurance, maintenance, and staff benefits have trickled the number of US institutions down from about 6000 schools to the present 4000 or so.(Citations, not the corps from Massachusetts, will be listed at the bottom of the post.) Yes, a great portion of those who have closed this century are smaller and/or religious-affiliated enterprises particularly in the Northeast and Midwest; but not all, and US birthrate drops seem to be felt nationally. The shifts in college demographics would presumably be also a concern for present and future high school demographics regionally and nationally. Even as education and labor needs shift from liberal arts to technology to life crafts, the matter is of concern about mms older than a junior hi education. Questions arise (does Greater Boston and city really need 52 different institutions of post-high school learning?) especially relating to DCI corps now and in the near future. Let me raise some of these questions and issues and invite you to add others, both questions and considerations. Some will presume this to be a Chicken Little/the Sky is Falling thread. Others will prefer to be ostriches with their heads in the sands. But fore-warned is fore-armed. A word to the wise, etc., etc. etc. What's your observation and wisdom? Some say that DCI mms by almost half are music majors (education and performance.) But where are the jobs for them to eke their livelihood? In those "inspirational" talks DCI instructors and directors give to the corps at camps, rehearsals, in the lot and post-shows, are we educating members for real life or presenting fools' dreams when one has to face age-out reality? Will DCI corps continue to be able to draw the best, the motivated, the diligent or be reduced to be an activity for the rich and pampered? If mms don't have the surety that their college will be viable until after one obtain's a degree and might close or go bankrupt before one graduates, will mms still be available during summer semesters or be saving their money and credits for other possibilities? DCI tours are shifting with small shows being replaced by events in larger population centers. As the DCI corps have grown by size, they require larger facilities to house and practice mms. City schools are usually confined and not always the best for housing or rehearsals. Smaller colleges have often been an option. But what other options will be needed if the smaller schools are closing and housing grows further from venues, thus increasing transportation costs? (Not every school is a Texas mega-plant.) Events such as Indy Championships and the shifting school year have moved corps into hotel rentals (costly) and limited practice possibilities (competitively costly.) Scandals magnified by the media have raised doubts in many educators minds whether to allow their high school campus to be available to drum corps. Where will corps house and practice? How much will corps costs and budgets soar as they themselves face possible bankruptcies and stiff financial development? Some pertinent citations should you wish to investigate further: https://www.cnbc.com/2017/11/15/hbs-professor-half-of-us-colleges-will-be-bankrupt-in-10-to-15-years.html https://www.forbes.com/sites/michaelhorn/2018/12/13/will-half-of-all-colleges-really-close-in-the-next-decade/#5c2ae40352e5 https://www.edelmanfinancialengines.com/radio https://www.forbes.com/sites/ebauer/2018/09/26/will-the-fertility-rate-recover-probably-not-a-new-study-says/#370cac312268 https://www.insidehighered.com/news/2017/11/13/spate-recent-college-closures-has-some-seeing-long-predicted-consolidation-taking https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2018/05/17/birth-rate-u-s-drops-fertility-millennials-immigrants/618422002/ https://www.insidehighered.com/digital-learning/article/2017/04/28/clay-christensen-sticks-predictions-massive-college-closures
  5. Mods. As OP, I request that this thread now be closed. Due to more cancer treatments/hospitalization I won't be on DCP for awhile and therefore unable to chaperone the thread I started. Thanks.
  6. Bristol always loved Crown, especially on Hope St.
  7. xandandl

    Academy 2019 show teaser

    Academy visits St. Louis and takes over "The Arch."
  8. No the Crusaders booked LOS for an all day rehearsal. I didn't say otherwise. I once ran a hurricane shelter which housed 238 people and only had one shower head. Everyone was given 12 minutes and showered every other day unless they arranged a swap with another; amazingly people cooperated even with the person outside the room who blew the whistle every twelve minutes. Perhaps, mods, now would be the time to bring this thread to a close. As OP I ask that to happen as I won't be on DCP for awhile due to more cancer treatments and won't be available to chaperone a thread I started. Thanks.
  9. xandandl

    Then vs Now

    Modernized? There are no props.
  10. With Dr. Cleveland listed as the supervisor for this purported model program of trainers, how long before the mms refer to it as the "Cleveland clinic"??? (That's an Ohio reference.)
  11. Several corps have rented commercial exercise gyms and indoor arenas for the chance to take a shower or to practice indoors for the day. Didn't your corps do just that at LOS before DCI invoked a quarantine on LOS for anything but contests? I know Cadets did the renting of commercial showers at places like Planet Fitness, etc. several times. Several corps rent the indoor Sportsplex arenas the week before/of Finals. And of course there is the BITD hooking up of a hose to take a shower plus this more modern approach we've used for disaster relief situations and film set companies often use on location. It's just a matter of thinking "outside the box" beyond what we presume as custom. E.g. Walmart parking lots allow for the hook-up of campers, Winnebagos, etc. even for electric when overnighting. Where there is a will, a solution can be found. Otherwise it will be the G7/8/9 problem of only a few corps remaining who will be able to house everyone in hotels every night..
  12. The Crusaders have made it a habit of several years of splitting their corps on July Fourth to do multiple (and simultaneous) parades.
  13. you are correct, and I am growing older. Prelims were postponed a few hours which caught up with the corps for a later starting finals when the storm hit that night. My bad memory. It's been 31 years and several months since then. Note the date of the contest. Championships used to occur the middle of August before college football season and Midwestern school starts shortened the season.
  14. These are samples of what Madison had been investigating according to my conversation with Chris Komnick several years back. They go for about $200 per tent. About 15 tents per corps should do it for a season. There are other models by other companies which are cheaper in price, some larger, some costlier. Ozark Trail 15-Person Split Plan Instant Cabin
  15. Oh I was there if you mean the DCI regional where Gail Royer, George Hopkins and I and the judging slate held a thermometer and a yardstick above the turf to measure the temp. The determination was that the turf itself was over 100 and deemed too hot for any mms to compete on it. Therefore prelims (daytime) were cancelled. The accumulated heat and humidity (a/k/a St. Louis in the summer) let go its might fury as the night show ("finals") were cancelled due to deluge of rain and lightning. Back on the buses for a good night sleep only to awake in Pella, Iowa where the main part of town is decorated as if a Dutch village and we wondered if we were still dreaming. Band director in Pella for a long time has been a Cadet alum.
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    New show announcements request

    I guess you qualify as a moderator.
  17. yes, start the novenas and turn her statue to the window that it not be the deluge of 2012, the storm only out done by the Glassmen at Allentown BITD.
  18. xandandl

    New show announcements request

    I think W.C. Fields said it best from Philadelphia: "If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bull....."
  19. like these? Certainly would make a different drum corps tour experience than what we dinos have known. https://youtu.be/0kpApw-ehSA https://d13sa6bna7z32x.cloudfront.net/assets/videos/Cabin_Walkthrough_030518_H264.mp4
  20. xandandl

    Boston Crusaders 2019

    PatriotLedger today features short vid. (beginning at .50) of Sr. Crusaders at their last Scituate long walk. https://youtu.be/nqmtbTgw6Ns
  21. xandandl

    Boston Crusaders 2019

    With this teaser, The Crusaders seem to be MILKing it.
  22. xandandl

    Uniforms of the Future

    Calling njthundrdd, Calling njthundredd! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyOCG4OGcMY
  23. I was informed by very good sources that both BD and the Crusaders were investigating these: .https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/2018/02/02/new-bus-service-brings-back-comfortable-overnight-travel/1086707001/ But given that each unit only houses 24 (half the number of passengers as the contemporary coaches corps use) that would double the outlay for gas, drivers, etc. Interesting though.
  24. you don't have to be on it.
  25. xandandl

    2019 Phantom Regiment

    yes, both small CYO corps. St. Jean parish in Lynn is no more.