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  1. As you may have guessed this is a photo of those drum majors present for the 85th Anniversary Memorial Mass. The current drum major is uniformed. Several of the others post here occasionally. When one sings the corps hymn, each corps member places his/her hand on the shoulder of the nearest member as a act of solidarity. If you watch when the corps members sing, they even shake each other's shoulder at a certain part of the hymn. Some have debated whether these men have been balanced, but all have agreed they have been extraordinary. P.S. Top photo is 1948 corps at Garfield Park for homecoming.
  2. Most Holy Name parish posted some great photos from Sunday's Mass. FHNSAB
  3. Discipline including whips and chains, hangings, and burnings seem so much of the dark shows current DCI designers have inflicted upon the audiences this past decade. Here's hoping 2020 is a bit brighter and less tormented.
  4. The above posts might be great for the pre-DCI dinos, but for the last several decades of DCI most social sharing has been at the airports "lounging" out waiting either for the corps vans for pick-ups or the connecting flights enroute to the significant others back at home. Skype, Facebook, and other computer social sites have become the new "neighborhoods" for this century's drum corps.
  5. Now these would send the drill judges adjudicating the Green Team into quite the tizzy, no? Hook 'Em, what's your preference? https://www.gearbest.com/men-s-hoodies---sweatshirts/pp_009119022999.html?wid=1433363&vip=65873202&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIhdGW_a6k5QIVT8beCh1Vagn2EAEYASAAEgIAkfD_BwE
  6. trying to nail him down to one spot at one time for a design meeting might be the problem: Mr. Constantly on the go-san.
  7. Fran, as the Phantom Regt. thread current discussion seems to remind us, you have to explain your references.
  8. Another Midwesterner rationalizing to Midwestern convenience? Related to your penultimate sentence: the "many fans" are the ones reacting to the rut you well cite. The parents are now fickle and not the diehards of the past as their prodigies are now "one and done" rather than lifers. ( My source for this is mostly narrative asI know of no actual statistics to support that beyond the DCI stats worked into the exiting of tour surveys handed out by each corps to mms, each corps doing such evaluation by each corps' particular method not always public.) I am supposing that persons without a long-term investment in the activity and still trying to pay off their past history with DCI which is now more costly than what most traditionalists paid in their past will be slower to make sacrifices of budget for something not an addiction or necessary. All the citations about earlier school years and the lack of housing for corps (or affordable for fans) in Indy will further be a hurdle for making DCI the annual family vacation spot. Besides if they are already bored of Indy with BOA trips they won't sacrifice to come back. At least WGI makes it interesting moving from venue to venue within Greater Dayton and Cincinnati. DCI loses a large market share by not re-considering a West Coast championship and allowing the championships to be held elsewhere in the nation as was the custom of DCI for the first 30 years (when the activity seemed more dynamic if not growing in interests.) PS. I will be offline until Tuesday evening.
  9. I agree with you on the first three sentences. Your opinions in sentences 5, 6, 7 are disputable. For example: IF the current audiences for shows on tour are bored with either product or venue, future tours may see revenue diminish; if adequate housing and rehearsal facilities continue to vanish (whatever the reasons) current tour model proves inadequate for future tours. The challenges to the use of mega-props and movable props by venue holders who deem the props dangerous to the venue (as happened at two contests this past summer, Chester being the more notorious) presumes that tour will be shifted at least to some degree for this and future summers. Cancelled or curtailed shows would influence revenue; audience reacting to mega-priced shows for curtailed or limited (small) number of performing corps would begin to influence revenue if replacement crowds cannot be substituted into the tour model. The Bristol show is one example where the megaprop shows found venues inadequate, crowds start to diminish, and tours began to shift as corps headed to Carolina. A wonderful experience and tradition of Americana New England style was lost by DCI. Revenue (per qua) alone is not the only consideration at the table for the discussion of tour shifts and re-writes. Revenue is but one consideration and not always the largest when corps cease to have places to rehearse, regroup, and renew. Performer experience begins to diminish. Yes, all these will begin to influence revenue. But without the fuller understanding your position sounds like an ideologue; it needs to be widened. PS. I will be offline until Tues. evening.
  10. they'd have to pay royalties rights to The Crossmen; it's in San Antonio. Then there's that New guy and his new corps guarding it not far from Austin. BAC would end up being named: Brownsville-Amarillo Crusaders (BAC.) Hey brown and yellow. That could be their new color scheme since they and SCV have abandoned red.
  11. monuments are already being planned for Terri in retirement:
  12. what do you mean BITD? this year's championship's difference between first and second was ever so slight... I am sure there are certain rabid fans who...
  13. Would we be passing the hat in the stands for someone's bail fund should we suddenly have a new PROP(eller) on the field? (Cue Cadets '92?)
  14. similar situation here when on the last Sunday of the month the garage door liked to open and close on its own. It seems a Luftansa flight took a certain flight path or near enough weather depending. The new garage door now sings Michelob theme. Are there any consequences the other way besides audience deafness if a corps uses wrong frequencies?
  15. and without your posts, DCP won't last 5 years either. 🙂
  16. Rob Ferguson: wise words https://www.facebook.com/regiment/videos/vb.26900688667/440843359870415/?type=2&theater
  17. How soon before the designers who are propagating props try this on a DCI field? Safe?
  18. when not under water. And don't Texas schools start earlier?
  19. Some positive news from Allentown about the show July 31 and Aug. 1 Will corps be able to stock up for that final push? Will fans choose this over funnel cake, HamFam, and Yocco's? Health and Safety Committee's doings? https://www.mcall.com/business/retail-watch/mc-biz-radish-republic-opening-friday-downtown-allentown-20191008-hs3k5lgucfcprfeq66qlpplawe-story.html
  20. Comments by a few posters on this thread had me thinking: why would instructors ever have to know the sexual orientation of mms they were teaching? Homophobia or grooming? Creepy either way.