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  1. first corps was a standstill/parade corps with one instructor for all captions. jr m&m corps was genero on brass, cluna on drill and friesing on drums- each were the designers as well. sr. corps was drietzer with rodriques on horns, eric p on drums and various drill guys over the years did the writing with dm doing cleaning guard people were no place to be found pit was way in the future. jr corps fit on one bus with all equipment in the under carriage
  2. Anyone know anything about DCA having a championship in China this July?
  3. wondered when someone would pick pr 08. it was magic. closest thing to pr was mad 88. most shows do not reach the level of pure emotional crowd reaction
  4. Jeff, the post shot was low hanging fruit. Too easy to be sure. Sometimes you just got to have a little. Happy you got back in the conversation as you do have something to say. Your marketing comments are not to be argued with as DCA's ability to promote itself is beyond sad. It is nothing new. Can't help but wonder if DCI should be approached to handle this segment of DCA's operational activities. It takes money to make money and whether DCA would open its wallet for this venture is an unknown. Considering DCA's track record it would seem worth the risk.
  5. is that all you got to offer. 100,000+ posts with opinions on anything and everything and you punt. jeff, our world awaits your wisdom. don't let our new cultural sensitivities stop you. must thank keith hall for starting this topic and the other posters lively comments that followed.
  6. This topic started asking for comments on merging. While this idea is great fodder for DCP, the likelihood of it happening is remote. Jeff, you and I both know the business model of DCA is far from perfect. I admire the long term member corps for hanging in, much can be said for a change in direction that improves the experience for all involved. God knows you have own version of what should take place.
  7. Why? Separation will not help DCA see the future. As an organization they are failing themselves. My proposal is just a "why not" deal. The world will not come to an end.
  8. I'm asking for a standard show in the late june to early august period. no championship involved. might be time to smell the roses.
  9. Simple one would be DCI open class corps competing heads up against DCA corps when the opportunity presents itself during the course of the season. Use DCA sheets and judges. Have show sanctioned by DCA and see where it take you. This would be nothing more than testing the waters but a start.
  10. a mere tip of the hat to DCA legacy. nothing more than that. real cooperation a long way off until DCA understands they are in the 21st century.
  11. Much can be said about the problems of DCA but what was telling to me was the youthfulness of DCA members documented in a series of photos Maher posted recently. Few had the appearance of being overage by DCI rules. Not knowing the makeup of the membership of individual corps I was left with the impression that these performers have real life responsibilities that made DCA participation a better fit for their need to perform. The long time DCA member managements have shown little interest in a stronger relationship with DCI for aa variety of reasons. The glory days of DCA are long behind them and the ongoing approach to following DCI rules and advancements hasn't serve them well. While DCI has always kept the door open to discussions the ball is in DCA's court to move in that direction. The old adage, "you can lead a horse to water....." comes to mind. my personal list of what can be done is nothing more than opinion as I don't have a seat at the table. It is for those who do to take off the rose -colored glasses and face reality.
  12. It's good to be the king! You were involved with the Dublin show that wasn't on this past tour. Was under the impression the show was successful so I can't help but wonder what led to this withdrawal. Was DCI's cut against potential gross just to much to bear for the promotion work involved and net proceeds to be worthwhile?