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  1. bingo re Pittsfield- it was in a league of its own
  2. Bill Hayes was one of the superstar teachers in the fifties. Known for his demand for doing things the correct way at all times, I witnessed him at the start of a St. Catherine's drill rehearsal, with the corps on the starting line (remember that one?), he had the hornline bring their horns up 32 times in a row before ever taking their first step. There was no howling or screaming just "do it again" instructions- lesson learned. Depending on your perspective Bill was many things to many different people but his contributions to the drum community far outlasted his time here. Bill along so many returning World War ll veterans made modern day drum corps come to be. Today Bill Hayes is just another name few of today's designers, instructors and marching members have any knowledge of but he was a giant.
  3. my head spins. breakfast in bed. wait staff for lunch and dinner rv travel for all members weekly staff review by members stagehands for all scenery
  4. you are so wrong. you would be amazed at some of the low cost deals dci has made for venues. remember most stadiums fees are the show promoter responsibility not dci. this 6m figure includes performance fees to the corps as well as a variety of expenses a 990 form requires you lump together.
  5. A vote of 31. There are 22 world class corps, Who are the other 9 votes?
  6. thanks for your schedule work but please explain to color coding of event sites
  7. Much truth in your post but any corps assigned to Corpse Christi might want to compete in t-shirts and shorts- heat is equal to AZ with humidity thrown in for laughs. Sunset might happen about 8:30. Afternoon rehearsal will be a cool and refreshing 93. The joys of touring.
  8. Strikes me as odd that a current world class dci member corps executive director is gathering in absentee votes to be used by him for the election of open BOD seats. As a general rule when this action is undertaken it implies a level of tension regarding the current management and future outlook of an organization. Can't help thinking that a controlled BOD isn't the best way of exploring opportunities and continued stability. I have witnessed this situation first hand regarding a homeowner association and it wasn't pretty to say to least. Hoping the people involved can seek solutions concerning their various views of what's best for their corps.
  9. brilliant this little essay puts you in the class of iron lips' prose skills. your dark side has conquered your love of the activity. can't help but remember that fateful day when members became students.
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