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  1. It's the best 4-5th place show since Cadets 2015! Another corps that mid season felt the wrath of the bipolar judging community.
  2. Would like to see: 1. Cadets at a 92 tonight. 2. Beat Boston. 3. Have some caption movement upward i.e.: Percussion, VP, GE (not in that particular order). 4. We need momentum going into INDY. It's Allentown already!
  3. Jeff Prosperie jumped in to consult the end of 2012 when his judging assignment was over for the season. It just gives another experienced set of eyes and commentary for small performance enhancements.
  4. It's time for him to retire. He has too much influence over staff, design and he's obviously past his prime in those areas. He also has a poisonous relationship with the judging community. So much talent staff out there and even his current staff would be better able to produce without his constant presence and forced input. Cadets need a new independent BOD preferably with talent in finance, a new Cadets director with control of selecting staff but allowing design team to design. DIRECTORS DONT DESIGN. I guarantee, if above occurs, many star former staff and their loyal techs would consider coming back if that's a road we would want to consider. Most are alumni and true Cadets and want nothing more than to have the corps competitively successful again. Their flight to other groups en masse is almost a rebellious cry for change within the organization. Only one man now can dictate the future of the Cadets.
  5. Not a great panel for Cadets tonight. Some guys that have always butchered them. We'll see if they've "forgiven" Cadets.
  6. That's our handsome DCP friend who joined Cadets. He's loving the experience.
  7. They're always dirty but score well. Look at last year. They're about effect. Why now are the judges nailing them? There's such inconsistencies with judging.
  8. I hope you're correct. The closer has taken the show up a notch in effect and if judges would stop penalizing the percussion and brass because people are singing, we could see a solid score/rank improvement.
  9. I'm hoping Tom jumps in there and makes the adjustments needed. Some may be easy. Cadets should not be struggling in Percussion. My understanding from my sources inside is the judges just don't know how to judge the choir since it's a big portion of the show and it's adversely affecting both brass and percussion scores. Not sure why it's taking the entire season to adjust to who to listen to when. They've eliminated a lot of the simultaneous choir, brass, Percussion moments to make it easier. When Bloo did all the micing in Kenetic noise, judges seemed to learn who was playing when and adjusted. Not sure why a "live choir" which should be garnishing the corps points for their amazing talent/performance in effect is seen as a hindrance.
  10. That may be your individual interest. The guard is certainly well staged. The intricacies of judging can baffle even the most experienced drum corps spectators. I'm baffled the Cadets are scoring as low as they are this season. Im baffled Crown is over Bloo. Im baffled Cavies are scoring where they are so I agree with your statement.
  11. My sources say it's the pit that's dragging down the scores. I don't think the staging helps either.
  12. He should be with the line full time now until INDY.
  13. Well 85 to 89 since Friday is certainly improvement but definitely playing catch up. Time is running out.
  14. Brass score is creeping up but that percussion score, jeez...
  15. I think Bloo jumps Crown. Your show is just better. Just clean like crazy this next week. Kind of reminds me of Cadets 2015. Started the season on top and then it was like the judges had a meeting and decided to dump them and they sank to 4th over night. It's cruel when you're suddenly off the love list.
  16. I'm just a creature of habit...
  17. Apparently he got yelled at a lot when he marched Cadets guard in the 90s.
  18. I still say "and also with you" since that's how I learned it.
  19. That's my point. If other corps had a program so unclear, they'd get destroyed in GE. Judging is horribly inconsistent. I'm a Cadet homer but very agitated that Bloo is getting the shaft as I think they are.
  20. Yep. No more electronic issues or bad runs. Time to turn heads (as they did last show). Momentum.... 90 tonight. The panel looks ok except for that awful guard judge who buries CBCCG every show he judges.
  21. Don't make my cry. Are those the bells from that glorious 2011 Cadets?