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  1. https://www.troopersdrumcorps.org/single-post/2019/09/26/Announcing-the-retirement-of-Fred-Morris The DCI Legend is hanging up the hat.
  2. Of course. However; this activity is about much more than winning. HLD.
  3. And as a former member, I am sure you can appreciate the connection the corps should make to its Casper roots and exposing members to the heralded heritage of the corps. If you are focused on tarps...Then you are missing the point of the experience for the members of the corps.
  4. Daave.. Troop is doing everything right by spending 3 days in Casper. Exposure... Incredible donations... Beautiful practice facility... Preparation for the long haul in a static site with incredible support. Who cares about frickin tarps.
  5. Troopers spending three days in Casper cleaning and doing some REALLY cool stuff including this picture from their performance at Fort Caspar. Gonna be a great second half for Troop.
  6. Pump. The. Brakes. Long way to go....Exciting to see how they match up in their "group" without favorable line-up times in DATR and Texas
  7. Thoughts with The Troop Family at this most difficult time. 1 hr · It is with profound sadness that we must report the passing of one of our most beloved volunteers. Laurie Holguin was on tour when she experienced a sudden medical emergency a few nights ago following our performance in Massillon, Ohio. Laurie's daughter Nicole, (a second year member of the Troopers Colorguard), as well as Laurie's father and husband Christopher were with Laurie at the time of her passing. Laurie, (who was from Dallas, Texas) was always the first to volunteer whenever possible and was widely known as the kind and energetic mom that would shuttle members and staff to and from airports, help prepare food, and so much more. Her love of the Troopers is matched wholeheartedly by the love we had for her. Laurie was family, and she will be missed beyond words. The Troopers organization would like to extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends of this incredible soul. The long blue line is with you. With honor and love, The Troopers
  8. Trooper uniform issue? Google last years. This year wins. By far the most demanding since the rebirth...lots of ceiling to fill unlike others in the same bracket.
  9. Cant wait for the new ending tonight...this show just continues to grow and grow.
  10. Losing to Mandarins and Pac Crest in Visual last night....What the heck is going on Troop???
  11. Sources in the trenches tell me not a "good run" last night. Also was not a good spot...before intermission...before colts and on an hour before blue stars. Gonna be a great week.
  12. This guy..."What a dumb move." You are clueless.
  13. Yes....Because the same person that is in charge of their media, cooks, does finance, and plays lead trumpet. Give me a break. Maybe the goal wasn't to "waste time" but to get people all fired up. This thread is currently #2.
  14. Pretty sure the internet just got played by the Troopers. The notion that they pulled the uniform because of too much negativity is preposterous. Maybe that was the Ghost Rider version of the uniform....here one minute...gone the next.