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  1. It was only a matter of time before a thread about college band erupted into a Michigan/Ohio spat I don't have to play favorites because I've never attended a university that has a notable football program or in my current case even a football program at all (kind of. I go to one of the other BYU campuses that's not in Utah so I guess I could technically claim BYU as my home team. I also have an inclination towards Colorado State because that's where I grew up.)
  2. Well, you can't deny that everyone knows who he is now haha. There's also Anna Eberhart, the "possibly possessed keyboard player."
  3. An initial perusing of this thread turned up no mention for the dynamic duo of Matt and Ben Harloff from Crown. They're the men at the helm of that now famous brass program. Also Dean Westman, currently show coordinator for the Bluecoats. He's had his hand in a lot of successful show designs, including the Troopers right after they came back from the (almost) dead and the last several years of Bloo shows.
  4. Also, I think they should begin exploring new applications for traditional instruments.
  5. Now as for my personal opinion: 2012 Madison Scouts. LOVE that show to death, one of the perfect blends of old and new school.
  6. Seeing as how audition camps haven't even started, I would be absolutely shocked to hear any show announcements already. It will be a few months yet.
  7. There is, but from what I understand you have to already have a subscription to a cable provider in order to watch any shows on it. It will ask you to verify who your provider is when you try to watch anything. I know this because I downloaded it yesterday to see if I would be able to watch the shows on it...this is what I get for relying on Netflix for all my entertainment.
  8. According to the partnership announcement video, there will be a box on every video that will allow you to submit a donation to the corps. So each view on the video will generate some ad revenue, plus a reminder for additional donations. Meanwhile, I'm helping run the social media accounts for the Troopercussion winter drumline, y'all should come like our page and follow @Troopercussion on twitter
  9. It's slowly coming back. Slllllooooowwwwwly.
  10. I was always told it was Santa Clara Vanguard who broke the mold. Someone else will have to confirm the year.
  11. BOA/Your local band circuit in the fall, WGI in the winter.
  12. I'll take 1979 and 1983. I just sent you a PM for more details.