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  1. I think this is the year that Cavaliers are finally going to recover from their "slump". I think their new staff has finally put together what works and what doesn't. Also they have been constantly been improving year after year so if they keep that up they will win their 8th championship by 2020. So yeah how do you think they will perform this year? Also what are your thought on the corps this upcoming year in general?
  2. When does Blue Devils B usually announce their show theme?
  3. I always find what the people behind the scoring very interesting. I was wondering if anyone here had some judge tape videos or recordings that are under fair use to post here.
  4. I don't understand why Cadets score so high? I mean I have respect for the corps and any corps to be honest but I just don't understand their placement? Anyone care to explain why they are so successful scoring wise?
  5. 1. Carolina Crown - Any way you slice it Carolina Crown Brass is amazing so if they can fine tune other aspects of the corps (drumline has always been their weakest area) they will defiantly come up on top. 2. Blue Devils - Just because they won this year doesn't mean they are unstoppable. Also there is a rumor that most of their brass is aging out so yeah. 3. Santa Clara Vanguard - I am extremely curious of how they will perform this year. That have been consistently great for the past 3 years. All they need to do is reach the next level 4. Bluecoats - Their show this year was awes
  6. I am auditioning for Blue Devils B corps this year and I was wondering if anyone on here was on the same boat? So yeah if you have any advice or need help post here.
  7. Mine is probably 2013 Cavaliers. So what corps and year is your favorite uniform?
  8. On the Cavaliers FB 2015 audition page the staff posted sheet music for "Vienna Philharmonic Fanfare" It also says 2015 Cavaliers soooo...
  9. Hi Im an new DCP user and a big part I joined is to get advice for alumni. Im auditioning for Cavaliers this year and yeah I would like some help. Also if you have any questions about auditioning yourself post it here. :)
  10. Hi I am a new member. I joined because I love DCI and Im auditioning for the Cavaliers and would like some advice. So yah. :)