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  1. I'm a junior, and most of my college choices are in or around the Chicago area (Northwestern, UChicago, Loyola) so I was thinking I'd audition for corps closer to there, like Colts or Phantom Regiment (but not this year). The thing is, I really wanted to do winter guard as well, and Northwestern doesn't have a winter guard anymore. I'd rather join a well-established organization but the problem is that there aren't any Independent Open or World guards in Chicago anymore. Phantom Regiment seemed to be a good choice but it doesn't look like they've been a functioning winter guard since 2007. I can't find any information on why it folded a second time and I'd like to know. They weren't bad or anything so why would they fold? It beats me. Brownie points if you can tell me of another guard that would be somewhat close to commute to if I were to go to a school in Chicago.