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  1. A public service post for people to share their at home drum corps vieiwing setups. Hope others will share their finds! Purchased from Amazon this week - New Dr J projector and a owlenz screen from Amazon for Less than $140. Last night was the first time I used it watching flomarching with a Roku connection. Connected it to the stereo. It was very good especially given the price!
  2. Hey, a bit confused. Did you sell the seats? If not, definitely interested. Can paypal immediately if you do. Thanks. Lemme know.

  3. Sold!!! My. One ticket available for Friday and Saturday section 140 Row 18 - 45 yard line. Message me if interested.
  4. 2 tix, sec 138 Row 9, seats 9 and 10 (aisle) for Thursday, August 11. $100 for the pair includes shipping. Message me if you are interested.
  5. Check out corps websites. Some may still have finals tix for sale. Better tix and buying from the corps puts money in their pockets.
  6. Ralph McCauley was one of the Bluecoats Founders who lives in Florida. I understand he was at last night's show!
  7. Bloo was incredible! Hoping for a Kenetic leap forward tonight!!!
  8. I have enjoyed watching Crown's show on DCI live but in person this show is beyond amazing!!! So much to watch and listen to.
  9. I love innovative use of electronics (absolutely hate doubling of contra bass line by a synthesizer!) It is pretty amazing these groups can get sophisticated systems up and functioning in just a few minutes. However they must do all they can to make sure that everything is going to work properly each and every time if electronics are an integral part of the production. Often it seems when glitches do occur they seem to be rather simple problems that get fixed before the end of the show. Are the corps doing enough with pre-show checks (especially double checking cable connections) to insure a g
  10. I am using my iPhone and Apple TV tonight instead of my mac. I don't seem to able to rewind like I can on my Mac. Help please?
  11. 2.7 million hits to the osu video in 4 days. Wish we could do that in drum corps!!!