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  1. Oh thank you! That explains a lot regarding their setup is so spread out. This actually makes sense now
  2. I was at the Houston show and noticed all of coats pit members were wearing some sort of white devices clipped on their waist that connects to their ears through a headset. I'm not sure what those are, but some guy that sat next to me said it could be a click track (?) Could someone explain why they would need a click track? Is it supposed to help them with tempo? If yes, isn't that kind of cheating? ;) I will try to find a picture of their pit members so y'all can see what they look like
  3. I heard Blue Devils just learned a whole new closer today
  4. Ever thought about each member of Blue Devils has a very distinct style and appearance? Do they audition people based on how they look too? Because almost all of them are attractive. Or is it just the fact that they are from California they have this natural celebrity look? Anybody have other thoughts?
  5. For more info please email: