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  1. Hi In the late 70's the Blue Devils used a cartoon icon of a member with both arms extended (like they did at the end of their show) and both thumbs up. I even had a t-shirt with TUG on it. Can anybody help me lay hands on a electronic verion of the TUG icon. I'd be ever so appreciative. Thanks! Bob D
  2. I can vouch for hearing it (and likely using it) in and around PA (Steel City Ambassadors) MA (27th Lancers) and NJ (Caballeros). I suspect it was passed around by the same guy who has been stalking the earth and informing impressionable teenage boys about the "wonders" of Spanish Fly BBS
  3. AAaaaaaaggghhhh, I can't wait!!!!! So how many weeks/days/hours/seconds 'til open house? B
  4. Hey babe Mostly spending time pursuing my new passion - Mountain Climbing (yeah, you heard it right - hard to believe, eh?) I did, however, march the Pulaski parade. Was right beside the Cardinal when he blessed the corps as we marched past St Patricks. So I got THAT going for me........ which is nice :P BBS
  5. Allright, let's get this sucker cranked up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in my best Dick Vitale voice................ "bring on '06 BABY!!!!!!!" oooh, I'm giddy
  6. My money is on 2004. Just the number of corps (4) within a very narrow score band.
  7. at least as far as 1977 - 1980 Olean used to kick the #@% out of my beloved Bradford Owls too. Guess we gotta be careful or we'll end up OT and sent to the hinterlands!!! BBS
  8. Born in Olean, lived my first 18 years across the border in Bradford, PA. Does that count? BBS
  9. Gang I believe Chic Corea marched (of all things) Soprano in St Rose Scarlet Lancers. It's mentioned during the gab sessions on the Brass Roots video. BBS "2006 - Project VANGUARD"