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  1. Did they sell premium parking this year? I can’t find any emails about it or find it in Eventbrite.
  2. I haven’t missed a DCA Finals since 2000, either as a performer or a spectator. I bought tickets for next year before the show started today. As soon as I know for sure that next year’s finals will be streamed, I will be selling those tickets.
  3. The Marching Millionaires (the high school band for the high school that owns the field).
  4. I got directed to an almost empty parking lot right by the entrance... lots of parking. Are you sure you told them you have premium parking?
  5. Did everyone get the memo that Box5 is rebroadcasting the show tonight?
  6. I searched for an answer to this, but my search-fu (like kung-fu) failed me. Other than some minor mathematical details that don't matter when the numbers are added up, the DCI All-Age recaps break out in the same way as DCA sheets: Effect is 50% of score Effect - Visual judge gets 25% of final score 10% visual performance 10% visual design 5% visual communication Effect - Music judge gets 25% of final score 10% music performance 10% music repertoire/composition 5% music communication Visual is 20% of score Visual - Ensemble judge gets 10% of final score 5% design 5% excellence/performance Visual - Color Guard judge gets 10% of final score 5% composition 5% achievement Music is 30% of score Music - Brass judge gets 10% of final score 5% composition 5% excellence/performance Music - Percussion judge gets 10% of final score 5% composition 5% excellence/performance Music - Ensemble judge gets 10% of final scores 5% composition 5% excellence My questions: Are DCI judges scoring All Age corps using DCA sheets, or DCI sheets that break down the same way as DCA sheets but specify different judging criteria? Assuming that DCI judges use DCA sheets to score All Age corps, are "DCI All Age" scores also considered officially to be DCA scores, for historical and seeding purposes? I expected to find an answer to this here somewhere...if it's been covered, a link to the thread would be appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Music City revised score was 65.55 https://twitter.com/CorpsScores/status/1017591475171885056
  8. It turns out that’s only true if you’re using an iPhone or iPad to view them.
  9. Final response: The only recap that had been updated was Finals. All recaps this season have been updated now.The "final decision" is 3 decimal places, standard rounding (0-4 round down, 5-9 round up) until they are able to update their site to allow for 4 decimals (to match the recap). They did qualify the decision with a "we may change our mind" comment.-Matt
  10. ...and now they're back to 3 digits, but the summary pages on DCI's site finally follow the same rounding algorithm (round up, so scores never end in a 2 or 7, only in a 0, 5, 5 or 8).
  11. Got a VERY early morning (2:58am) reply from Matt. It appears that we may be going to 4-decimal scores! I checked this morning and recaps are showing 4 decimal places now. Here's his reply: Hi Jim,I've released an updated recap that has the full scores (out to 4 digits). The DCI site is still showing scores to 3 digits instead of 4. This requires a change on their side and I'll be discussing the change with them shortly.Thank you very much for bringing this to my attention. If you notice anything else, please don't hesitate to send me a message.-Matt
  12. Should have checked, but given that the recaps are rounding up, I agree. It must be a bug in the software that displays the totaled scores. Matt's reply: Hey Jim,I'll definitely take a look at this. I know years ago, there was an issue in the software (where the Announcer sheet is printed) that was using Bankers rounding (it's the default rounding method in .NET). I thought we were careful with all other avenues when we do rounding, but we may have missed something.I'll get back to you as soon as I have more information.-Matt
  13. I realize this topic is kind of picky, but... Under the new scoring system, the smallest increment of difference between two corps is 0.0125, or 1/80th of one point. DCI Southeast saw Blue Devils beat Vanguard by this margin. Scores are being reported to 3 decimal places, even when the "real score" goes to 4. When announced over the loudspeaker, DCI seems to consistently prefer the "round half up" algorithm we learned in elementary school: if the ten-thousandths digit is a 5, round up to the nearest thousandth. As a result, all scores this season as announced have only specified 0, 3, 5, or 8 as the final digit. So 97.0125 would be announced as 97.013 97.3625 would be announced as 97.363, and 98.0375 would be announced as 98.038 But I've noticed that competitionsuite.com, DCI's choice for hosting scores and recaps, is using a different algorithm. I can't quite tell what that algorithm is. I thought it was "banker's round" (definition) but I can find counter-examples. For Prelims on DCI.org there is: Blue Devils with 97.362 (announced as 97.363) Carolina Crown with 96.363 Bluecoats with 94.638 Cadets with 92.263 Mandarins with 84.213 Pacific Crest with 77.787 (announced as 77.788) Jersey Surf with 71.613 Louisiana Stars with 71.563 The Company with 70.037 (announced as 70.038) Southwind with 68.838 Guardians with 67.838 Pioneer with 65.913 My best guess was that the rounding depends on the "one's digit": if the last digit before the decimal point is odd, round down; if it's even, round up. But if that were true, Surf's score should be showing as 71.612, The Company as 70.038, Guardians as 67.837, and Pioneer as 65.912. I realize that this is a tiny detail that can never affect the placement of the corps, but it does affect "the record books" like CorpsReps and FromThePressbox. Does anyone know for certain: What rounding algorithm Competition Suite is using? As far as "official" scores, is DCI's official position to "always round up" (so xx.xx75 always is xx.xx8 and xx.xx25 always is xx.xx3) or whatever Competition Suite is doing?