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    mchenry viscounts 1965-66 chicago cavaliers 1966-1973-lead soprano horn instructor 1974-1979 chicago connection all years they were together lead sop-french horn -horn instructor-assistant drum major-1999-2004-05-06 kilties drum major
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    kilties-1999-syracuse show in mid august
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    1969 cavaliers
  1. and listings not listings. spellcheck is bad.
  2. because i had and still have friends in phantom regiment. the midwest corps were a lot closer with information than people thought.i'm sure you know the carrels and the listings just to name a few.
  3. the cavaliers did the prelim stuff to the muchachos-in 75.i was the horn instructor in 75 and we got a tympani member from the east coast that year that came with names and addresses of overage members and gave the info to don warren. all he had to do was contact the state they were born in for birth certificate info. the "haters" that cost the bridgemen to get tossed wasn't us. it was phantom regiment
  4. you are correct that i haven't been to a good rehearsal in years. and i am in agreement that it is in my own opinion-- but there is space for this opinion and realizing that things evolve also. i just have an educated opinion about how i miss certain aspects of the activity that could still be entertaining-- didn't your corps include some of these nostalgic aspects in your performance this year even in warmups much to the crowds approval? thats what larry told me.
  5. you are the fanatic . i knew you would be the first to reply just by reading your previous responses.i enjoy your replays and posts. but i knew or realized the points you made when i made my points. it,s just difficult conveying an older corps persons emotions and experiences on this subject IMEE iron men of an earlier era
  6. i haven't posted in best friend larryp, has kept me abreast and informed of the general scene as i ask him questions about junior and senior--oh sorry-"all age " drum corps as i follow now by reading and watching videos on this site. i have grown apathetic about the activity. my last corps-the kilts- have slowly slid downward in so many ways. people will ask " well why didn't you heip"--yhe answer is i would have if some one asked . however it is no longer an older persons game. the enthusiasm has wained for the general age group of 40+ agers in the activity. many of my contemporaries find junior corps fascinating but we seem out of touch with being able to relate to the programming. it's beautiful, it,s great blah, blah, blah, buts it is missing something for me.i will never take away the obvious high performance standards of the kids in the activity, but appreciating the excitement of a great "drum and bugle corps" has certainly disappeared for me. just by reading the podcast information it seems that everyone is a judge and watches critically. unlike most people my age, i am in good shape relative to competing in corps. however, since my last year of competing in2006, i wanted to return but felt out of place. i am a dinosaur, in search of the comfort of other dinos. i can't believe i am alone in the feeling that a great performance of the large corps of the earlier dca era would bring tears to my eyes. bring on the matadors, the sunrisers, hawthorne, the yankee rebels and the hurricanes and even the buccaneers with george the great. i will disregard those that say- you should be in alumni corps. this is not my point. the long discussion started by my friend larryp about cadets 2 only got me thinking more. when we were in junior corps, we were in envy of the great"senior corps" of our times. we would finish our season and look forward to dca weekend --it was a corps form of "hero worship. " it was everything we wanted to be--exciting, loud , dramatic , and the soloists were fabulous. tin seems now that juniors are seniors-- they've become homogenous. so whats the point-merge the 2 and have no age limits anywhere since the program differences hardly exist anymore. senior corps used to have professional 3rd sopranos because of how long they played --i guess juniors now have them anyway. larryp told me that parts of hawthorne's show was based on past musicality and performances and that it was really well received. i started tearing up-- someone send me a podcast. jeff thomas mchenry viscounts 1965-66 soprano chicago cavaliers 1966-73 lead soprano horn instructor 1974-79 chicago connection1977-78 horn instructor soprano french horn racine kilties 1999 2004 2005 2006 drummajor