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  1. So the people who know the most about the subject aren’t using statistics correctly? Seriously?
  2. Think of all the lawsuits for negligence. Plus, if shelter in place and crowd reduction measures are instituted, they’ll not have a choice.
  3. Well, don’t take it seriously. See how that works out.
  4. That “moron” is one of the top virologists in the world. I’ll side with him.
  5. This strain of SARS is rather resilient. It can remain on surfaces for days and can stay in the air for hours without being suspended in vapor. The fact that you can be positive and completely asymptomatic is extremely worrisome. It’s going to come in waves.
  6. Here’s what I posted in other threads:
  7. Not according to the top researchers in the US. We’re looking at almost a year’s worth of recovery ONLY if we enact stringent protocols now.
  8. Point 1: based on our current trajectory we’re looking at 2.2 MM deaths. Social distancing may need to be extended for months if not a year.
  9. For the safety of all involved with drum corps from the kids to the staffs to the fans...cancel the summer tour. Period. This country is nearly two months behind in testing, treating, and conditioning for the outbreak. Wholesale quarantines should be coming across the country. We have more to look out for than drum corps.
  10. I have a feeling this will be the summer of The Couchmen. They’ll have plenty of slots open.