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  1. Heard there will be guard outfits, they just haven't come in yet for some reason. That may have hurt their guard score. Hope they get them soon.
  2. Wondering if this closer drill is just temporary cause they rushed to get it done. I imagine those props spinning wildly at the end (people hanging off the them... etc), not just static like they are now at the end. I want to see an insane ending. Hopefully they have more up their sleeves. Or sleeve, cause there's one missing : )
  3. less than 48 hours till show time.
  4. Crossmen show is tough. Hope they can clean and execute it too in time for the 22nd. My feed tonight ended before I can see the Cavaliers. Only makes the 22nd more anticipating. Tomorrow is trash day, then thursday night is Indy in the theaters. That's my agenda (with work in between).
  5. Anyone here watch The Cadets tonight? How were they?
  6. If I knew it would take this long, I would have paid $34 for Maroon and Gold and watched the Cadets at 7:30. Oh well.
  7. From what I saw at Spring Training, the drill looked pretty hard; maybe too hard. A lot of fast moving sideways while playing. Hope they can clean it. And those huge props look hard to push. Probably be harder to push on real grass too.
  8. Crown has had odd uniforms for awhile now. I knew DCI would go in this direction as soon as I saw 'NoCoats" last year.
  9. The white maltese cross on the aussie didn't give you a clue? seriously
  10. Nothing like that WGI guard show from what I saw at Spring Training.
  11. I don't see it on their calendar. Probably because they have to make their way to Indy for the Premier on the 22nd.
  12. I was there this week also and I agree. The show is pretty unique this year. Three more days till the MMX reveal.Wish I could have stayed to see it.