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  1. What if we auditioned for drum corps in the same way that college students rush sororities/fraternities? Let me explain--many of the issues we are facing in our activity relate to overhype of the top 12-ish corps, and lower/non-DCI world corps struggling to survive with low membership. I personally know many individuals who go audition for one or two corps and get cut and do not pursue it further, either because of rankings or simply a lack of knowledge. I didn't know DCA was a thing until my first camp in it, to be honest. What if there was some sort of universal application/audition we could create, and there was a way to check out each corps without having to commit to it (and by commit I mean buying plane tickets, etc). What if there was a way that we could narrow down our range of possibilities based on our ability and willingness to work, rather than simply accepted or cut from each individual corps? This would allow more people to participate, thus growing the activity, and there would no longer be the imbalance of 1000 people trying out for 150 spots in BD and 50 trying out for XYZ corps in DCA. This is just my random crazy idea, but if anyone wants to implement it into their drum corps competitive circuit...