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    Northern Aurora, Rochester Crusaders, Magic of Orlando, Lakeshoremen
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    Blue Devils, Santa Clara Vanguard
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    Suncoast Sound 1988
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    1993 - epic
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    Triathlons, running, cycling, swimming, cooking, drinking myself to sleep

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  1. Don’t we know the way this plays out by now…X corps wins prelims. Devils squeak by at semis. Devils pull ahead at finals since they perform last and visual judges can safely give them 20s.
  2. Honestly just let WGI manage that office since they are already so far ahead.
  3. That’s a perv’s name if I’ve ever heard one….
  4. Sad that this is what made me log back in too.
  5. Should mix Holst and John Adams… mash up of Fugal Overture and Short Ride in a Fast Machine.
  6. Witcher…they don’t give AF about participant safety.
  7. In a sense DCI should be thankful they are such a niche activity that there has already not been greater exposure.
  8. That episode of Cheer should be more than enough of a wake up call…yuck.
  9. This one needs more context. DCI is an intense activity and sometimes a younger person needs the proverbial swift kick to find motivation. Definitely not saying that is the case here but have seen things like this before.
  10. 2016 was definitely criminal.....2014 was more grotesque than anything else.
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