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  1. Predicted 2019 new endings... Bluecoats - Yellow Submarine SCV - reverses course and pulls Metropolis 1927 out Blue Devils - Jingle from the Motel 6 commercials with a ghostly voice saying "we'll leave the light on for you" Cavaliers - no musical change...they will just play louder and blow up a couple of those barrels BAC - Goliath wins by ripping the spine out of the guard member Crown - black strobe lights Blue Knights - they forget everything and perform nothing but scatter drill and space chords for the final minute Blue Stars - brings out the fire extinguishers and a snow machine Cadets - just kidding we have only been pretending to perform this show and win finals by pulling out West Side Story Crossmen - decide they are not aggressive enough and go full Rammstein...amps explode and the first ten rows of the stands are evacuated Phantom - Burns Will Pitts at the stake Mandarins - they sacrifice a goat during the closing minute at finals
  2. LOL...SCV was over 92 last year. Plenty of room for numbers to move up. Remember the top groups get more ordinal focus from the judges than attention to the correct number.
  3. It's like the old "I'm moving to Canada trope." While it is a great place to visit for some north woods fishing and triathlon...I would get quite bored living there, eh. Bad even living in Detroit and having to watch Don Cherry take a speed boat across the river every summer.
  4. 20 in brass or prelims or semis I believe...that brass line was hot.
  5. People don’t understand the. “Kansas city Star” reference either...good old Curt Gowdy.
  6. Knew a couple guys in DCA that could perfectly fit a cigarette into the third valve slide during warm ups...would have to remind the to put it out before heading on the field.
  7. I see brass as the main issue still. Percussion and visual program have progressed a ton. Programing wise this show probably maxes out around ears are saying it’s mostly an endurance and balance issues with the keep conditioning and working on the ensemble.
  8. Crown’s best use of props was 1996.
  9. Ain't no issue with taking a week to make changes and clean. Evens out with them losing a little time from spring training having to travel out to Kalifornia.
  10. Some of the most recent videos I've seen are a completely different corps than at Ford Field....depending on how they continue to clean this program this program just might move up in the back half of the season.
  11. Being front and center at Ford Field the opening impact was by far the high point in the show. I've not seen much different from other viewings on Flo or YT. The impression I got was the staff has the hornline reined in..they reached a certain max and just did not push beyond it. It was weird feeling that each impact moment was the same as every other...gave the show a very "flat" feeling. Perhaps this is an early season strategy until each member of the brass can contribute equally at the higher volumes but I definitely believe its hurting from a GE and pacing standpoint. To this point much of the GE is being carried by the book itself and high performance level...its the intangibles that are missing to this point.