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  1. Like those old Smith Barney commercials..."he did it the old fashioned way; he earned it."
  2. To be fair, even if the hash marks were a "liability", Cavies still got a higher field number that night than Cadets.
  3. You mean the unknown unknowns instead of the known unknowns. Well in this activity its more the known yet unspokens....
  4. As Hop is known for saying..."trust the process."
  5. Sideways

    Show design puzzle

    With few exceptions it’s visual designers not knowing what they are doing so they are just tossing some movement in there so the corps is not left behind on the visual sheets.
  6. Phantom program design meeting...”well we haven’t killed anyone for a few years”
  7. The way I look at it...might as well get some pleasure out of it.
  8. There is a reason I sleep with my attorney...
  9. 110 members in the hornline?
  10. Thank you!!!! I had not realized there was high cam version publicly available...going to waste the next hour now!
  11. Same with cab doors, giant tarps that did nothing, couple of recycled musical/visual motifs from 1996 and 1998. In theory this show had everything it needed plus the talent to compete for a ring but just fell flat.
  12. The "Melissa" plane a finals in 2001 was really bad...
  13. Sideways

    Regiment Ramblings (What If?)

    I would like to know what happened after 2010?? Into the Light was such a great step towards more modern programming and a fantastic Rosander drill. Turandot was a great follow up but a bit of a step back into their shell. Into the Light was such a fan favorite I’ve always wondered why they immediately went backwards in design? Grumpy old alumni??
  14. Sideways

    2018 DVD/BluRays DCI Champ Finals??

    Bluecoats are doing Timberlake next year?!? Finally a corps show my wife will be interested in!!!
  15. Sideways

    Relative Newbie

    Has not been mentioned yet but you will want to watch Suncoast Sound 1988...easily 15 years ahead of its time.