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  1. 2016 was definitely criminal.....2014 was more grotesque than anything else.
  2. Can’t wait to hear how Damp Otter would put an asterisk on that one...
  3. Had to double check you on that as I remember Broken Arrow scoring 19.8s across the board in GE in 2006 for their first BOA win, but you are correct with 19.9 & 19.8 in Music GE. Broken Arrow still has the overall GE record.
  4. Last I looked at BOA sheets the percussion rating was a 50 point subcaption on the Music Individual sheet...which ends up getting averaged into Music Ensemble sheet. Percussion directly counts for 2.5 pts of the overall score. Granted if you get percussion oriented Ensemble or GE judges (music GE counts for 40 pts) that can dramatically shift the influence percussion plays in the overall score. I've no idea if BOA actively tries to split Music GE judges so you have one winds & one percussion oriented. Regardless the basic structure of their sheets have not changed in ages and if yo
  5. Why not Ford Field in Detroit. Premier show has work quite well the last couple years with a really nice crowd for that early. Acoustics are not bad as far as hard topped stadiums go..seen hundreds of marching band shows perform there. Logistics are fairly easy in and out of downtown Detroit. Stadium district downtown is really going through a renaissance and river walk is is less than a mile down Woodward. For those that like "culture" the Windsor Ballet is just a quick drive south into Canuckistan.
  6. Finals out doors in Madison once every four years.
  7. You know me well enough that I don't play well with others that are even mildly sensitive.
  8. Is this thread still about staff changes???
  9. Dirty....dirty...dirty....especially when compared to Dada.