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  1. Play the same arrangements from last year, buy a lot black leather and vinyl, and call the show Path of Destruction...
  2. Plan B is a terrible show concept.
  3. Sideways

    Blue Devils 2019

    What Jeff said ....more notable than the 2nd finishes in '16 and '18 is BD being shut out of the caption awards for the first times in recent memory. Think you would have to go back to 2005 and "don't forget to write your mother." BD is still excellent across the board and truly an organization without weakness but other groups are stepping in both caption strength and overall design. Talent may not be automatically gravitating towards Concord as much as in the past that sense this may signal a new era in drum corps.
  4. Sideways

    Old Man DCI was cool...

    Fun story while I was at Cru (Rochester)....we had a mello/sop player, depended on the year, that would occasionally forget he had a cigarette stuck in his third valve slide while going on the field. Gotta love DCA.
  5. Sideways

    Old Man DCI was cool...

    Not playing was usually guaranteed by pulling their mouthpiece before entering the field....or the ever classy plugging it with dirt.
  6. Sideways

    Carolina Crown 2019

    Uniforms that don't make the drill look like a clusterf*#k will be helpful as well. 2017 worked great...2018 looked like they just finished mucking out the beasts cage.
  7. Sideways

    2019 Phantom Regiment

    How will they outline a form on the field with hoodies?
  8. Sideways

    2019 Phantom Regiment

    Darn...I was hoping for a "disco inferno" type interpretation.
  9. Sideways

    Sex and limitations periods

    Fact facts or alternative facts?
  10. Sideways

    Academy 2019 show teaser

    Tempered Steel?
  11. First time popping in this thread...anything interesting here?
  12. Sideways

    Boston Crusaders 2019

    “Our Beast is Bigger”
  13. Sideways


    Regardless you should always tune your mellos a couple cents sharp.