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  1. I would have preferred wording that allows field judges to walk the perimeter of the performance...essentially a giant arc. Maybe defined as allowing them to cross the hashes to the backside of the field outside the 15 or 20 yard line. Corps will now be able to hide a lot simply by turning back field.
  2. That's why you never watch the drum major...well that and I'm a trumpet so we pretty much ignore them anyway.
  3. Sound only travels at different speeds through different mediums (eg. water vs. air). In the example above the sounds travel at the exact same speeds but the arrival times vary as the distances are different and the reference points are changing (to make point).
  4. It would be quiet the disappearing act...
  5. Maybe, Maybe not...boa also doubles up on the music ge compares to DCI. You max out effect over content in BOA since music ge alone is 40% of your overall score. DCI has not gone “full ######” yet in terms of GE.
  6. The complaints with BOA writing has nothing to do with the music field judge being limited in movement. There is not a true percussion caption...the field judge is responsible to score percussion out of 50 points on a 200 point sheet which includes all brass, percussion, woodwinds, etc.... if you are more than likely not writing for someone who is going to appreciate the subtle complexities then why bother....
  7. Sideways

    Show About Time...

    “Sunday in the Jailyard with George”
  8. On the semi's broadcast (I know its different than live) there were a few blatant missed releases and soloists ripping through the ensemble when they were not being featured. Last issue is more of an ensemble (electronics) hiccup but these were mistakes that are extremely uncharacteristic of a BD hornline. I would rate them 4th at best this past summer. SCV took brass all three nights with opening the spread over Crown on finals was an extremely well deserved win with a very aggressive approach to playing. Not saying Crown plays it safe but relative to what SCV did this summer....
  9. SCV 1999 at finals...that was a completely different corps at finals compared to the rest of the season.
  10. Sideways

    The Cadets 2019

    25 do math like an attorney.
  11. I’ve said it before but someone really needs to dedicate a show to Adam’s Harmonium...SCV would be the best fit. Crown or Cadets would also do it justice. Phantom of old could but I would cringe with their current incarnation.
  12. That is cheap compared to my attorney, then again I am married to her.
  13. I’ve never seen a drum major before...what do they do?
  14. I know age is a number and my general health and energy level is much better than a typical 40 year old...plan is to still be doing Ironman in my 60s!