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  1. Sounds like a BD undefeated season type romp.
  2. Not really…kids getting fed on tour and you bring religion into the discussion. There’s zero useful dialogue in bringing that in. Point being that any dietary “restrictions” that are not medically necessitated are a choice and nothing else…not sure how stating that is ignorant and tone deaf.
  3. If we want to be reductionists about this religion is a choice as well so ultimately those dietary “restrictions” are a choice…see how this works?
  4. Or that delicacy of drinking left over wiener water to up the sodium intake!
  5. The good old days when corps breakfast was 10 boxes of cereal and 2 gallons of milk…
  6. This^^^ Usually crown has some of the cleanest drill out there…pretty sketchy this year. Must be all that streamer work… 😉
  7. The fact that dci has no judges on standby at the last regional is a knock on their credibility
  8. Why ban him?? A live version of Catch a Predator between corps performances at finals spares us from listening to the Damp (*) Otter.
  9. A western that’s a cross between Django Unchained and Blazing Saddles.
  10. Information was out there on he who shall not be if they knew where to look before deciding to march there. Rumors were already rampant when I marched in the mid-late 90s...
  11. Let's talk about that BD-Chumley love fest....
  12. Let's be honest here....the large majority of hate was not directed at the Cadets but at he who shall not be named instead. The Cadets were simply a proxy for him.
  13. That drugged out bowling dream sequence…Sam Elliot voiceovers….Steve Buscemi’s char getting a surprise resurrection at the end with hints of Mahler’s 2nd being played backfield…this could be something great.
  14. The Nihilists were German so you’d have to include a piece that makes you believe in nothing…thinking Symphony in Bb by Hindemith for one.
  15. I feel like they have actually dropped the tempo a bit in the big Mahler sections to let it play out more organically…I am loving it!!
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