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  1. TubaPresident

    Pioneer Bass Tech Position Open

    Pioneer’s bass tech position is currently open! If you are interested in filling the position, then message me and I will give you the contact information for the percussion caption head.
  2. TubaPresident

    Pioneer 2018

    A couple of things from my perspective/experience. 1. Pioneer works really hard at spending their money wisely. The corps director, Roman Blenski II, has worked very hard at building close relationships and deals with businesses and organizations to get discounts on stuff like food, or even receiving free edible food that businesses can't legally sell anymore. During spring training, we house at a school that the corps has been at for a very long time as the corps has an agreement with the school. Then we take a 5 minute bus travel to Pioneerland, a 7 acre property, where we rehearse. This facility and the school save the corps some money and gives the corps the ability to do whatever they want as it's their own land. So, Pioneer rents/leases off some parking spots at Pioneerland, which brings in a guaranteed amount of income for however long the renting/leases last. The corps will even sometimes let other corps (almost all DCA) house at Pioneerland when Pioneer isn't in the Milwaukee area. Roman knows that spending some good, and wisely spent, money on the members and staff are very important for making sure members are happy and positive. Like canoeing and Summerfest (which they get in for free since they perform there annually). 2. The corps truly lives by their motto, "Better Every Day." Whether it's fractionally or exponentially, they get better every day. Member are proud to wear their uniform and don't care about what negative things people think of them. They push on every single day and are proud of their show and their corps. 3. Pioneer going to church every Sunday (when it's possible and logistical) gives members a break for 2 hours from rehearsal. I remember vividly waking up every Sunday in 2016 and realizing we are going to church. Plus the brassline sometimes performs in churches, which gives communities free entertainment and lets us show themselves to more people. Plus some churches they go have some very interesting and fun services. Plus they sometimes get free food and coffee. 4. Yes, the corps has some issues. As does every single other corps that has ever existed. It's just how it is. The corps is looking to modernizing, but of course, even though the corps is smart with their money, Pioneer doesn't have $100K laying around or anything like that. Yes, the corps probably has an emergency fund, but that isn't to be used unless there is an emergency or the corps is completely stuck in a pickle. Pioneer's alumni are currently discussing how they can help the corps. Such as finding a way to form a good social media team and helping recruit members. Times are changing in the drum corps world every fast. Even for corps like Pioneer. It will just take some time and experimenting. 5. DCI's social media team is very good at featuring the high scoring open class and world class corps, but really only gives lower scoring open and world class corps some "air time" and social media presence. While things are getting better. DCI themselves aren't very good yet at being equal to ALL corps on their social media accounts. To clarify, Pioneer isn't the only one who gets pushed to the side in DCI's social media presence, but they surely seem to not get much activity at all besides the rare 2 minute YouTube video or a short Facebook post about them. All that being said. I do have some strong opinions about Pioneer, and I want to see them grow and be a corps that corps will be afraid of (competitively).
  3. To make it easier for everyone looking to still audition for a drum corps, comment below if you know a corps that is still looking to fill some spots, and if at all possible what sections have spots available. * Full credit goes go to frontensemble.com for the Corps logos used below.* Corps With Spots Still Available WORLD CLASS Colts- All Brass Sections, Some Percussion, Some Guard (http://colts.org/join.asp) Pioneer- Most Sections (http://pioneer-corps.org/2017) Seattle Cascades- Contact them for Spot Availability (www.seattlecascades.org/join-2017) OPEN CLASS Raiders- Some Trumpets, Some Front Ensemble (http://www.raidersdbc.org/join/) Music City- Contact them for Spot Availability (http://musiccitydrumcorps.org/join/application/)
  4. TubaPresident

    Corps Banquets

    Pioneer's banquet is a couple of days before prelims.
  5. TubaPresident

    Corps Necklace

    Pioneer has a shamrock that says "Pioneer Corps" and "Better Every Day" on the front, with the person's member number on the back. Mine is worn in the front because I didn't realize a little metal chain thing I had put on it was wearing out the front, so I had to move it. We also get a washer for every year we march, with each washer you get, you get a different color, and certain colors represent if it's your first, second, third, etc. year. The other items on the necklace were put on by me and aren't given by the corps.
  6. TubaPresident

    Corps Owned Rehearsal Sites

    Pioneer legally owns the 7 acre plot, named "Pioneerland." Pioneer owns a building large enough to store all of their current busses, equipment and food trailers, and the trailer's semi-trucks, which all fit in the garage section, with a storage room (on both floors), and a uniform room. They also own a rehearsal field, that has a press box built out of materials donated to the corps, as well as a second field currently being constructed. Plus they also have a parking lot that they lease and rent out parking spots to for local businesses.
  7. Is Pioneer the only current DCI corps that owns its own rehearsal site, which is named "Pioneerland"?
  8. TubaPresident

    Yamaha YBB-202MSWC - Thumb Ring Issue

    I am having a problem with a Yahama YBB-202MSWC's thumb ring. This is the first time I have ever used this model horn, so I don't know if the thumb ring is supposed to be adjustable or not. But it's screwed in with a bolt that suggests that it is adjustable because when I screw it in all the way, it's in a VERY non-ergonomic position. How am I supposed to adjust the thumb ring?
  9. A video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRB5mjocF0s) that was released by Youth Education, the organization that runs the Cadets, had described what their 2015 drum corps show is about. At about 53 seconds in the video, George Hopkins says that they'll have 10 bass drums in the bass drum section. Could this be true? Or is this something they say to bring up the hype to their show?
  10. TubaPresident

    2015 Predictions

    These are my predictions for the top 5 places for the 2015 DCI World Class. 1. Blue Devils 2. Cadets 3. Bluecoats 4. Cavaliers 5. Santa Clara Vanguard (This was not based upon any show that any corps has announced, these are purely my predictions on what I believe the outcome might be)
  11. These are my predictions for the top 5 places for the 2015 DCI World Class. 1. Blue Devils 2. Cadets 3. Bluecoats 4. Cavaliers 5. Santa Clara Vanguard (This was not based upon any show that any corps has announced, these are purely my predictions on what I believe the outcome might be)
  12. TubaPresident

    Blue Devils 2014

    Anyone know what the name of the rim protector that the Blue Devil's Contras used in 2014 to protect their bells during rehearsals? Or the name of who makes/sells them? Thanks, Kevin Nicholson