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  1. I'm quite certain it has a trumpet shank, the Kanstul M6 has a cornet shank and it most definitley has a longer shank than the kanstul
  2. well kanstul still makes a french horn i know that.
  3. we still have our old french horns in he string closet in our school, but they're super old Kings and so old that you can bend the bell by hand easily, into a mute pretty much
  4. the shank on the DEG is longer is all i can see (trumpet shanks fit the kanstul), but how do rim size and cup shape differ between the M6 and 6V?
  5. I have been looking for a mouthpiece for a little bit now and was wondering the differences between a DEG 6V and a Kanstul M6, which is what i have and am used to but is damaged and ugly because it's from a school horn. the DEG I've heard is great but i was just wondering the tone differences and if I'd have to get used to it. (please no other recommendations, i am asking about the DEG only, not "but this one's better" type thing).
  6. my schools kanstul horns are amazing, they are 2000-01ish and are durable as all hell. but the baritones do seem to have a welding problem with their third-valve kicker, we broke a few last season.
  7. yeah and i think the academy uses kanstul too, at least their contras are kanstul 5:4s. what do you play?
  8. you know whats funny? you just over-analyzed that comment and took it the wrong way :P plus who cares about emoticons. He wasn't trying to insult people (at least i dont think) he was stating a fact about most, if not all forum sites.
  9. is there a corps that uses kanstul/TAMA instruments though?
  10. yeah I made a mistake, it has a kicker (adjustable tuning slide) on the main tube of the horn to the bell. this tunes the whole instrument instead of having slides on the 1st and 3rd similar to the trumpet. as you can see by the picture it is the sprung slide
  11. thanks, you're the one person to answer my actual question
  12. I already Have, they have not responded yet and I'm a little disappointed because that was in early December last year. Maybe I should try again, it was during the off season.
  13. I was planning on trying out for cavaliers in the future and was wondering if I can use my TAMA by Kanstul Mellophone. They are different than most mellos in the way that they have a full horn kicker and not individual valves, they sound different than your everyday mello, and they're smaller and different looking but only when at a carry, the bell looks just like a yamaha or king from the front. this may cause some differences in appearance the corps may not like but I'm not sure. If someone could help me on this issue, it would be appreciated greatly, thanks. I own no rights to the picture posted.