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  1. For the past 2 summers I have marched with the Bluecoats Drum and Bugle Corps out of Canton Ohio, and it has changed my life completely. Performing in front of thousands of people and touring the country completely changed who I was as a person. I learned how to push myself beyond my limits and to accept nothing but perfection. Over these summers, the people I had barely known at the beginning of the summers have become my family by the time August rolled around; and that is the family I wish to return to next summer. In order to return to my family next summer, I have to put forth around $2,500-Which is the average price a member of any Drum and Bugle Corps pays. I have already taken care of a majority of those tour fees but I still need some help with the rest of the tour fees and the extra cost associated with marching. (Camp fees, etc.) My Bluecoats family is worth a lot more to me than my tour fees, and I hope that you all can see that and help me by donating. If you want to talk to me about my experience last summer, or need more convincing to donate, don't hesitate to e-mail me! Anything and everything helps! GoFundMe Link: Email: Six Words, Ryan