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  1. Why do so few of the hotels have rooms available Wednesday night? I find it hard to believe they are sold out so far in advance. I;ve stayed at Embassy Suites downtown every year since the first year at LOS (and am a Silver HHonors member) and have never had trouble booking my room before.
  2. Philadelphia PAL is still around but they pulled funding from the corps in the mid-80's - 1985 I think. I remember going to a few rehearsals in the Spring of '85 after I made the Crossmen and playing some of our exercises and opener for them, but I think they folded before the season started.
  3. I don't understand - why is that? I'm sure there is more involved than just throwing a switch, but thousands of dollars?
  4. Thinking out loud - if the roof started open and weather came in at some point during the show so they close it, wouldn't there be an unfair advantage between those who performed with the roof open vs closed? As much as I hate the roof I think it's more important for all corps to have the same conditions.
  5. Well - the guy I talked to at the video booth at Lucas Oil assured me that pre-orders would be open a week or 2 after finals. Looks like he was talking out of his butt. Come to think of it, he looked alot like my avatar.
  6. I'm nearly 100% certain we had a Brit in the Crossmen in '85 or '86.
  7. You are putting words in my mouth. I said no such thing. What I said was that they are fine the way they are, but if THEY decide they should rethink their philosophy that would be fine too. The point is that it is up to THEM (admin, staff and members) to decide what they want their identity to be. They have no obligation to live up to anyone's expectations but their own.
  8. I can answer that part of the question via my niece's experience. Yes - the members absolutely know that the Surf experience is not the same as other "more competitive" corps. In her case and a number of her friends in the corps it was that fact that drew them to Surf. She was easily good enough to march in one of the big names but had no interest in doing so being happy with what she had in Surf. After her first year, one of her friends wanted to "move up" and went to Cadets. She ultimately returned to Surf before the season started saying that the "cult atmosphere" (her words) at Cadets was "nuts" and she was much happier with the environment at Surf. Not everyone has the same goals/desires. I think Surf is fine doing what they are doing until THEY decide it's time to buckle down to move up.
  9. See any one of the numerous threads about copyrights. It was a rights issue that prohibited them from providing the service.
  10. I have no complaints except lack of DVR and archive to watch shows when more convenient.
  11. Vet Stadium had a really cool implosion once both Lincoln Financial Field and Citizen's Bank Park were opened
  12. This is the heart of the point I was trying to make. Neither I know nor does anyone else here know what is in the hearts and minds of the corps members and its staff. If they are indeed unhappy about their current status then by all means they should take steps to change it for the better. On the other hand, if the are happy with it, who the hell are we on DCP to tell them what the should be doing?